If you believe that your god is omnipotent and we are all his children and he offers his protection....

  • Why lock your house with deadbolts?

  • Why do you buy alarms systems for your home?

  • Why would you need computer passwords?

  • Why do you install smoke alarms?

  • Why would you ever buy a fire extinguisher?

  • Why would you buy home insurance?

  • Why buy firearms for protection?

  • Why do you use seatbelts?

  • Why would you wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bike/motorcycle?

  • Why do you look both ways before crossing a street?

  • Why do you put up security fences?

  • Why do you take self-defense courses to protect yourself?

  • Why do you lock your vehicles?

  • Why are you afraid of walking in downtown Framingham at night?

  • Why would you ever have to hire an attorney?

  • Why wear protective clothing at any time for any reason?

  • Why would ever build a storm shelter?

  • Why would you carry pepper spray?

  • Why would you need a safety deposit box?

  • Why would you buy health insurance?

  • Why would you ever need a doctor?

  • Why would you take any medications?

  • Why would you need chemotherapy?

  • Why would you ever vaccinate your children?

  • Why would you ever get a flu shot?

  • Why would you ever have to make funeral arrangements for your own child?

  • Why would you ever wear a condom?

  • Why would any church ever need a lightning rod?

I'll tell you why!

Because you're all hypocritical pussies!

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