New Sudbury rabbi aims to show Judaism as 'vibrant' August 4, 2018
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SUDBURY - Rabbi Josh Breindel has a unique way of making sure people are paying attention to his sermons.

"I'll put in little Easter eggs - quotes from 'The Princess Bride' or 'Star Wars,'" said Breindel, nicknamed "the Sci-Fi Rabbi" for his love of the genre. "It's begun to catch on a bit."

Behind his desk is a figure of "Star Wars" Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Breindel is the new rabbi at Congregation Beth El on Hudson Road. He officially filled the role last month, replacing longtime Rabbi David Thomas. Known for its MetroWest Free Medical Program and support of immigrants, Breindel called the congregation "innovative" and said he hopes to contribute to its culture with innovations of his own.

One plan is offering a new elective called "Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy" for the temple's high school. He hopes to also have a class available for adults in the future. The class will explore how Judaism influences many comic book heroes such as Superman and Batman.

"I want to inspire them," said Breindel, on his motivation behind the class. "By showing them these contemporary stories, it helps me make clear that Judaism is a vibrant and pertinent tradition."

Other ideas include integrating Judaism with nature, intertwining prayer with poetry or dance, and expanding the temple's digital presence with a podcast.

"I'm looking for new ways to celebrate life," said Breindel.

Breindel comes to Sudbury after nine years of serving as rabbi at Temple Anshe Amunim in Pittsfield. He is a graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, and he received his rabbinic ordination from Hebrew College in Boston. Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, he worked as a paralegal before pursuing rabbinic studies.

Being a rabbi at a time that's politically divisive, Breindel said he hopes he can help make the temple welcoming for all.

"There's a deliberate effort to divide people, make them 'other'," said Breindel. "I really hope my pulpit can stand against those pressures that seek to drive us apart. All people are worthy of respect, of love, of worth."

For now, he's settling into his new office.

"I'm delighted to be here," said Breindel. "It really feels like coming back home."

So Rabbi Josh Breindel wants to bring vibrant Judaism to Sudbury? Ah! yes! Give me some of that old time religion like vibrant Judaism where YHWH wants you to kill the gays, kill the atheists, kill those who break the Sabbath, kill the children who curse their parents, kill the apostates, sell your daughters into slavery, whip your slaves Blah! Blah! Blah!

The coolest part of vibrant Judaism is that you get to circumcise eight day old boys so they can have a imaginary covenant with the imaginary Jewish creature YHWH (Genesis 17). This is clear child abuse. Is Sudbury's new rabbi a mohel who practices metzitzah b'peh?

King David, a biblical hero collected 200 Philistine foreskins. I prefer to think they were from the dead pile, not the prisoner pile.

Vibrant Judaism brings us most of what we call misogyny. A dislike of women. After all, man was made from dirt by the breath of God and then like a damned thief, in the night, YHWH stole a rib and made woman. Woman was made for man. Suck up to YHWH, you feminists.

I repeat, bring me some of that old time religion! Come to Framingham where I can get a closer look at your fraudulent organization that teaches us that your biggest genocide (Noah's Ark, all but eight people) should be taught as a children's story. What a crock!

And then you probably expect me to believe your Holocaust story? Please! Pretty please!

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