The rapture occurs when Jesus returns and signals the end of the world. Since creation creates an imaginary beginning, the rapture creates an imaginary end of the world.

Each generation of idiots and morons believers are told the rapture is coming in their lifetime. Recently, some idiot at Dunkin's told me that it will be a glorious day when Jesus returns.

Nearly fifty percent of American christians believe that the rapture will occur in their lifetime.

According to a rapture movie I saw, your body on Earth is taken but your clothes and personal artifacts stay behind to be plundered by those left behind.

About 45% of all Americans do not bother to save for the future because they sincerely believe that the rapture is coming.

There's no end to religious idiocy.

What will you doing when the rapture occurs?

  • Taking a long poop
  • Masturbating
  • Having sex with an eight year old,

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