Genesis 1:27 says: So God created man in his own image.

The bible states that man is made in the image of God.

The bible also states that man was made first before woman.

Why would Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

Why would a man need nipples?

Why would Adam have a belly button?

When God created Eve, why would Eve need a belly button?

According to the bible, God has manifested himself three times.

  • Once as a burning bush
  • Once as a pillar of clouds
  • Once as a pillar of fire
  • He speaks thru an ass (audio only) once.

For the most part, God is invisible.

Why am I not invisible like God?

My mirror says I am not made in the image of god.

The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

An invisible god looks remarkably like a non-existent god.

If man was made in God's image....
What does God do with his butthole or dick and balls?
How hairy are gods armpits?
Why does God need a spinal cord? Is there a lot of gravity in heaven?
Is there heavenly oxygen for God's lungs?

Does god have normal shit or does he take a massive "god shit"?
Does god have a toilet in heaven or does he just leave god droppings everywhere?

God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Why am I so limited?

Why does everybody in heaven sit by the right hand of God?

Are the people by his left hand less equal or people of color? Perhaps, Jews, Mexican midgets and hunchbacks?

In hot arid climates with very little water, people tend to use
their right hand exclusively for eating because they wipe their
ass with their left hand.

Waving at a Muslim with your left hand is considered an insult.

Does God wipe his ass with his left hand. I do!

Does God have an ass?. After all, we are made in the image of God.

Does God use a shitter? How often? If so, where does it flush to.

Does God have nipples? Breasts are pointless without nipples.

Does God have any naughty parts (breasts, vagina, penis, testicles )?

Does he have a belly button? Why would he have one?

Does he have legs? Why would he need them?

Does God wear clothing? Is he ashame of his perfect body?

If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then where does this leave God

If God is all powerful, why does he regard himself as a jealous god? True omnipotency implies the ability to clone another omnipotent god.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Given all the physical and mental diseases and afflictions that we suffer God really did a bad job of cloning himself.

If you are child of God and you're down and out on your luck, send God a child support bill and see if he comes thru for you.

If people are sinful by nature but we were created in the image of god then isn't god sinfull?

Stupidity should be an arrestable offense.

Why did this omnipotent god limit his perfect creation?

  • Why do we get cancer or heart disease?
  • Why do we get sick at all?
  • Why is there Multiple Sclerosis or Arthritis?
  • Why do we suffer so much from backpains?
  • Why do nine million children under the age of five die each year?
  • Why do we only live around 70 years now? According to the bible, the inerrant word of god, we used to live for 900 years just 4,000 years ago.
  • Why do we not have roll-away wheels when we want to go fast?
  • Why can't we be pleasured with an orgasm when we sneeze hard?
  • Why do our orgasms only last seconds?
  • Why do we have to eat for energy? Why do we not get most of our energy from the sun thru our skin?
  • Why do we not possess psycho-kinetic powers?
  • Why do we not have mental telepathy?
  • Why can we not turn invisible like our creator?
  • Why can we not fly like birds?
  • If the Earth is 70% water, then why can we not live underwater?
  • Why can we not live in a vacuum?
  • Why are cosmic rays so deadly to us?
  • Why did we not come equipped with cheap plasma weapons to kill our opponents?
  • Why can we not smite our enemies by mere thought, like God.
  • Why is our vision so limited in the light spectrum?
  • If we are the perfect creation of the perfect Almighty, why should we suffer in hell? We don't have to. We are perfect.

Here are some anatomical changes that God could have made....

  • Psycho-kinetic powers to smite our enemies.
  • Laser eyes that instantly burn human flesh.
  • A awesome armed monkey tail that could grab things and hold our weight and has a KILL spike at the end.
  • A ballsack that fucking protects my balls
  • Teeth that heal, or regrow
  • Give me a drain valve on my sinuses please!
  • Could I please shut my ears like I can shut my eyes.
  • How about the adjustable 500x zoom vision?
  • Separate breathing and eating / drinking from the same tube. No choking that way.
  • A gland that produces stem cells through out your life and sends them where needed to repair damage.
  • Improved neuroregenerative capabilities.
  • Can we separate the pussy and the butthole by more than a few inches? That would be great. There is no sense in having a sewer line next to an entertainment center.
  • Regeneration of limbs would be fantastic.
  • The ability to perceive other people's farts as they themselves do. That way we'd enjoy everybody's brand.
  • A self cleaning ass

Perhaps, your god is phony baloney and you're all a bunch of religious idiots?

Here are some possible alternate pictures of God

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