If you are to believe the garbage in the Torah or Bible, only God could destroy the world back then. Now thanks to the evolution of technology by science, the naked apes have developed the atomic bomb and thermonuclear or Hydrogen bombs.

A five megaton thermonuclear device can create a very nice radioactive pasture field in what was once called the city of Boston in approximately 10-15 seconds. The magnitude of destruction of such a device would easily eliminate 300 years of development, eliminating all the MBTA tunnels, the underground sewer system, the underground water pipes and obviously anything above ground.

Such a device can be fabricated by the Atomic Energy Commision (AEC) for a mere one million dollars and can easily destroy hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure in a few seconds.

Any state or organization that is driven by religion, like IsraHell or Iran can make these after sufficient effort.

After the development of the hydrogen bomb, the chief scientist behind the development of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer and a senior general had this conversation:

          General:        If one had been available, would you have used
                          a hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima?
          Oppenheimer:    Of course not!
          General:        Why not?
          Oppenheimer:    The target's too small!

Try if you will, to imagine one ton of TNT. Then try to imagine five million tons (five megatons) of it. Thank you, Alfred Nobel!

The total bomb tonnage dropped on Germany and Japan during WW II is estimated to be 3 megatons. Now one plane or one missle can be more lethal than all the weapons used in WW II.

The Hamburg firestorm was acomplished with a mere five kilotons of bombs.

While atomic bombs have a theoretical limit of 50 kilotons because the bomb casing is fragmented before all the fissionable material is consumed, thermonuclear devices are limited solely by the amount of hydrogen to fuse. The largest weapon tested to date was the 50-100 megaton Tsar bomb.

The United States wants to reduce its strategic weapons arsenal down to approximately 7,500 (all of which are thermo-nuclear). Each strategic weapon is in the range of 300 kilotons to 5 megatons. The atomic bombs used to flatten Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in the 15-20 kiloton range. You probably can't find more than 500 cities on this planet for which these weapons would suffice.

Most people do not understand the scale of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons and the notion that these are indeed genocidal weapons.

The atomic bomb and the subsequent hydrogen bomb were inventions that were made before we understood what it was we were making. For better or worse, we cannot forsee the consequences of our technological progress.

In the context of religion, one must ask how many thermo-nuclear weapons the state of Israhell posseses.

Even a single nuclear explosion in a major city would represent an abrupt and possibly irreversible turn in modern life, upending the global economy, forcing every open society to suspend traditional liberties and remake itself into a security state. The political, economic and social consequences are beyond what people understand.

We must be curious to learn how such a set of objects - hundreds of power plants, thousands of bombs, tens of thousands of people massed in national establishments -- can be traced back to a few people sitting at laboratory benches discussing the peculiar behaviour of one type of atom.
         Spencer R. Weart

"The pattern of the use of atomic weapons was set at Hiroshima," J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project, said in November, 1945, just a few months after the Japanese city's destruction. "They are weapons of aggression, of surprise, and of terror." Nuclear weapons made annihilation vastly more efficient. A single bomb could now destroy a target whose elimination had once required thousands of bombs. During an aerial attack, you could shoot down ninety-nine per cent of the enemy's bombers - and the plane that you missed could obliterate an entire city. A war between two countries with nuclear weapons, like a Wild West shoot-out, might be won by whoever fired first. And a surprise attack might provide the only hope of national survival - especially for the country with an inferior nuclear arsenal.

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