Anu-Yahweh: The True Devil, The Impostor God

Presently the greater part of the population of the western hemisphere, the Middle East and the African continent believes in some variant of abrahamic monotheism and acknowledges the biblical Hebrew god El-Yahweh as the good and righteous creator of our world. The Jews see their god as the lord of justice who saved the Israelite people by handing over to Moses his holy law, the Christians claim that the same god is the loving father who sacrificed his own firstborn son in order to save mankind from the consequences of sin and the followers of Islam who call him by his Arabic appellation Allah recognize the deity of the Jews and the Christians as a righteous and merciful god. The idea that the biblical god is a great figure of good and righteousness has left such a deep impression in the collective mind of the western peoples that even the unbelievers assume that the character of Yahweh represents justice. However, despite the fact that we live in countries with a Judeochristian historical tradition the vast majority of people, believers and secular alike, have not read the Bible in its wholeness. I am sure that if believers began to read whole biblical texts in an objective manner and without conditioned prejudices many of them would be horrified by the 'morality' of their god and understand that the teaching that Yahweh is a righteous and benevolent father is contrary to reason and worse yet a blatant lie.

Who is Yahweh really? Throughout history various minor groups have recognized that the biblical god of Judaism and Christianity is the true deceiver of man. Before the christianization of Europe and the birth of Islam in the Middle East the various Gnostic esoteric schools such as the Ophites in Syria and Egypt and the Naasenes in Palestine understood that Yahweh was a malevolent impostor who had ensnared man in a system of deception whereas the rebellious Serpent of Eden in Genesis was the true benefactor of humanity whose illuminating knowledge liberated us from the slavery of the evil demiurgic god of the Jews. The Gnostics called him 'Yaldabaoth' or 'false god of this world' and recognized his evil deeds. The Ophite sects knew the great secret: the god of the Jews was the true devil who had claimed from himself the title of 'creator god' and inverted the roles of good and evil through deception presenting himself as the 'benevolent father' of mankind and slandering the Serpent of wisdom as 'the devil' and 'enemy of man'. This accusatory inversion began with the creation of the Christian Bible at the end of the 1st century and would deceive many generations throughout millennia.

Why did the Gnostics believe that Yahweh was a false and malevolent god? Unlike the medieval people who were subjected to the theocracy of the Catholic Church and were unable to read the Bible by themselves, the Gnostic intellectuals of the first centuries of the Christian Era did have access to all the biblical scriptures and were able to study them freely. They knew that the Hebrew Bible is chock-full of cruel acts of evil, ruthless genocides, demands of gruesome sacrifices, barbaric deeds and behaviors of tyranny attributed to Yahweh. In other words, the Gnostics knew that the biblical god was a real devil and his religions were brutal, bloodthirsty, misanthropic and obscurantist. The truth is that the Bible itself bears ample testimony that the supposed loving father of the Jews and Christians has a sadistic and evil nature and his numerous deeds documented in the so-called Sacred Scriptures are so abhorrent that most people today would believe that they were typical of a demonic entity. Upon reading the Bible objectively, it is evident that the Hebrew god Yahweh is a warlike, murderous and depraved character and it is clear that he has a great resentment for mankind. The biblical texts themselves put in doubt the morality and benevolence of the Judeochristian deity and do nothing more than confirm that Yahweh is the true adversary of humanity.

Today it is no longer a secret that the god of the Bible is a bloodthirsty and vengeful character. Since the Renaissance many enlightened thinkers have began to question the despicable immorality, depravity, cruelty, blood lust, misanthropy and xenophobia of Yahweh. Therefore, many philosophers of the modern age would abandon the Judeochristian religion and favor more humanistic worldviews such as Deism and Naturalism. For example, the American intellectual Thomas Paine, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, rejected the biblical god writing in The Age of Reason (1794) that 'the belief in a cruel god makes a cruel man' and advocated a Deistic theology whose deity was the god of nature. In the present age of science and the Internet now it is no news that the god of the Old Testament is an abominable nightmare (simply very few people have a complete knowledge of the content of the Bible and very few believers are honest enough to analyze their faith and the moral standard of their god in an objective manner). However, the fact that the history of the divine personage of Yahweh goes back to the Sumerian epoch of the third millennium BCE is something very novel for most readers. In this article I intend to delve into the history of the ancient cults and expose the true origin of that sinister god. In the end we will see what is the true identity of that great cosmic tyrant and decode the great secret of the millennia.

The Malevolence of Yahweh: The Divine Infamy

Today any sensible and reasonable person would think that religious acts such as the immolation of innocent animals in order to appease the wrath of a superior, ritual human sacrifice, the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of mistakes, the mass killing of children and newborns, the genocide of whole foreign towns and extreme warmongering are abominable and depraved crimes typical of a Satanic cult and perpetrated by only the most sick and demoniacally possessed people. Any man of sound judgment would regard all those horrifying practices as the height of perversion. Most normal people would believe that all the atrocities listed above are deeds of Satan himself. However, oddly the fact that all of those shocking practices were demanded by the biblical god of the primitive Hebrew religion, constituted the heart of the authentic Judaism and are documented abundantly in the Bible itself and attributed to Yahweh is apparently not very well known. In the end, upon analyzing the Old Testament texts in a honest and objective manner, one soon becomes aware that all the characteristics which are typically associated with the diabolical personage Satan are attributable to Yahweh, the god of Judeochristianity.

The upholders of Judaism believe that Yahweh is righteous and the followers of Christianity typically claim that their god is a perfect and infinitely benevolent being and the loving father of man. On the walls of Christian churches it is commonplace to find propaganda signs that say 'God is love' or 'the Lord is merciful'. Christians typically quote biblical verses such as John 3:16 which claims that Yahweh loves the world so much that he sacrificed his only begotten son for its salvation and 1 John 4:7-12 whose message is that Yahweh is the source of love. However, it is evident that they don't know the Bible in its totality, don't read it in a honest and objective manner and only blindly believe in the deceptive claims of their priests and pastors based on selective verses. The Bible read in its totality doesn't teach that Yahweh is love! That is just a pious lie of orthodox Christian theology. The Bible exposes clearly that Yahweh is a wrathful and intolerant god (Psalm 78), warlike and militaristic (Exodus 13:3; Psalm 2:1-12; Deuteronomy 7:23-24), murderous (2 Kings 2:23-24), genocidal (Exodus 32:27-28; Deuteronomy 20:11-17), unmerciful and cruel (1 Samuel 15:2-3), treacherous (Ezekiel 20:25-26), infanticidal (Psalms 135:8; 137:9; Exodus 12:29) and drunken with his lust for gruesome sacrifice (Leviticus 1:5-9).

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that the god of the Hebrews is not a god of love but a violent, bloodthirsty and ruthless tyrant. Here we see that the accusation that the father of the Jews, the devil, has been a murderer and liar from the beginning made by Jesus (John 8:44) is very applicable to the patriarchal Hebrew god Yahweh. If anyone still believes that the Judeochristian deity is a benevolent and loving entity they are only deceiving themselves, they have bought into a professional lie and are not being honest on an intellectual level. The Bible itself reveals that Yahweh is an authentic demon!

The truth is that the immorality and cruelty of the biblical god knows no bounds. Very far from the fantasy of the little pastors and Evangelical theologians who believe that their deity is the epitome of love and benevolence, Yahweh is in reality a god of war and a warmongering tyrant with an unquenchable thirst for conquest who not only enjoys the invasion of foreign territories but also takes a sadistic delight in the destruction of the victims of his Chosen People. According to the Bible, Yahweh orders the Israelites not only to defeat the male warriors of the neighboring peoples but also to massacre ruthlessly unarmed women, defenseless old men, small children and even newborn infants (1 Samuel 15:2-3; Deuteronomy 2:33-34; 7:16; 13:15; Joshua 6:21; Ezekiel 9:5-7; Isaiah 13:15-18).

Moreover, the same demonic and depraved god advises his Chosen People that in the event of the subjection of a Gentile people they must murder all the male children and immolate all the non-virgin girls but are allowed to take for themselves the virgins as the booty of war (Numbers 31:17-18). Yahweh allows his Hebrew warriors to kidnap and rape foreign virgins.

To make matters worse, the god of the Hebrews is the original militaristic Zionist, since his plan for his Jewish people has always been Jewish world domination and the conquest of all the Gentile nations on earth (Psalm 2:8-9).

In the end, the Judeochristian deity Yahweh is, according to the Bible, a belligerent entity who takes delight in the slaughter of innocents and even demands the murder of small children and newborn infants. What kind of monster would be capable of asking for the killing of an innocent and defenseless baby? If some of you still believe that a degenerate kid-killer like Yahweh is a god of love and worthy of praise then you seriously lack honesty and have sacrificed your own humanity for a blatant lie.

Any civilized person knows that the sacrifice of innocent life is something wholly immoral. In fact, for most people the ritual killing of living beings is a practice which is associated with the Satanic sects of our time. However, too many people have forgotten that animal sacrifice was always the main theme and essential lifeblood of biblical Judaism. The truth is that the jehovitic cult was characterized by the continuous immolation of sheep and oxen. In the temples of Yahweh animal sacrifice was offered on a daily basis in order to appease his burning wrath and atone for the transgressions of the Mosaic law.

In ancient Judaism at least three distinct types of sacrificial practices were performed: 1) the Holocaust, a burnt offering of an animal which was offered every day on the altar of the temple or tabernacle at the time of prayer and praise with the purpose of showing Yahweh love and devotion; 2) the Peace Offering, a festive sacrifice whose goal was to give thanks for the so-called grace and mercy of the god of Israel over the Jewish nation; and 3) the Atonement Offering, a particularly bloody sacrificial practice in which the Jew would immolate an animal from his livestock on the alter of Yahweh in order to receive forgiveness for his sins and his transgressions of the law.

It wouldn't be an overstatement even if we said that the continuous shedding of blood in a ritualistic fashion was the foundation of the biblical Jewish religion. In fact, the Bible explains openly that Yahweh finds great delight in the gruesome and morbid sacrifices (Genesis 8:20-21; Leviticus 1:5-9; Numbers 18:17-19). It is as if he were fascinated by the immolation of innocent life. It is evident that the god of the Jews is a carnivorous entity of a predatory nature given that in Genesis he rejects the vegetable offering of Cain and takes delight in the animal sacrifice of Abel (Genesis 4:3-5). What is more, at times the ritual jehovitic sacrifices become huge bloodbaths of carnage. The first Book of Kings recounts that the jehovitic monarch Solomon and his royal priesthood sacrificed more than 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep in the temple of Yahweh in a time-frame of only two weeks (1 Kings 8:62-64). The Hebrew god has always had a thirst for immolated blood.

The same outright Jewish perversion would remain in the New Testament theology of the Cripto-Zionist Jew Paul of Tarsus whose dogma maintained that the death of the testator is necessary for finalizing a fact with Yahweh, sacrificial blood purifies everything and without the shedding of blood there is no remission (Hebrews 9:16-17; 9:22). In the end, the cult of Yahweh is a death cult and its founders and elites are completely perverse people, depraved, sick, demoniac, screwed up in the head and handed over to mental illness. They and their wicked god are the embodiment of pathological depravity.

Many of the Evangelical believers at least know something about the practices of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament religion. They believe that the ritual killing of sheep and oxen was a righteous prototype of the messianic sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the atonement of Original Sin, a concept which ironically never existed in the original Hebrew religion. However, regardless of the fact that the sacrifice of any kind of life for the sins of others is something wholly immoral and abominable, very few people know the most horrifying secret of the Bible: the Hebrew god Yahweh often asked for and accepted even human sacrifice.

In Exodus, the second book of the Pentateuch, we find a bone-chilling reference to the practice of Hebrew ritual infanticide ordered by Yahweh himself in which the Hebrews loyal to their god had to consecrate (sacrifice) their firstborn sons as an offering to their lord, just like they were used to immolating the first offspring of their cattle, with the purpose of commemorating the killing of the firstborn males in Egypt by Yahweh (Exodus 13:2; 13:12-15).

In Leviticus, the third book of the Pentateuch, the same bloodthirsty god explains that no owned man, animal or field that is the property of a Jew and has been consecrated to him can be ransomed and will die without remission definitely (Leviticus 27:28-29). Let's note that in some translations of the Bible they put a footnote at the bottom of the page which says that in the original language the expression 'consecrate' refers to 'an offering for the god Yahweh', which makes it clear that the biblical deity enjoyed the sacrifice of men.

In the first Book of Kings, a chronicle of the primary history of the Hebrew people, we see that in primitive Judaism Yahweh tended to ask for the immolation of the lives of the sons of the Hebrews for the sanctification of cities at the time of their construction (1 Kings 16:34). Biblical archeology reveals that the barbaric practice of burying the bodies of immolated children in the foundations of buildings was very commonplace in the regions of Megiddo, Jericho and Guerer in Palestine when the Hebrews dwelt (B.A. Turaiev, 'El Oriente Clásico'i).

In the same sick biblical book we read also that Yahweh ordered his servant Josiah to sacrifice the foreign priests in their temples and burn their bones on the altars (1 Kings 13:1-3; 16:34).

The most shocking example of the practice of jehovitic sacrifice, however, is found in the Book of Judges according to which the Israelite judge Jephthah, after being instigated by the spirit of Yahweh, made a vow to his god promising that he would sacrifice in holocaust the first person to come out of his house in exchange for the victory in the war against the enemies of Israel (Judges 11:29-31). Yahweh fulfilled his promise and Jephthah came home victorious. However, unfortunately the first person who came out of his house was none other than his beloved daughter and the poor Jephthah, full of sadness, saw himself obliged to offer his own human offspring in holocaust to his depraved god (Judges 11:34-40).

The truth is that a detailed study of the Hebrew Bible will reveal that jehovitic human sacrifice constituted a commonplace custom in the original Hebrew cult.

This disgusting revelation shouldn't be any surprise for researchers who have a sound understanding of the history of the region of Palestine. Archaeological studies show that even in the second millennium BCE the semitic deity El, the king of the Levantine pantheon and precursor of the biblical El-Yahweh, was a god associated with ritual human sacrifice and whose cult was characterized by the holocaust of firstborn sons (Olyan, 1988ii). The same sacrificial cult would continue among the Hebrews in primitive Judaism (Smith, 2002iii). We see that gruesome sacrifice, both animal and human, was always deeply rooted in the original jehovitic religion. It is most likely that Yahweh not only enjoyed the sacrifices for his own entertainment but also needed them in order to feed off their energy on an astral level. Let's remember that throughout history certain esoteric schools such as the Gnostics taught that the malevolent demiurge Yaldabaoth, associated with the Hebrew god Yahweh, and his predatory Archons fed off human suffering and the energy transfered via the demiurgic religious cults.

The Jews have done everything possible in order to conceal this shameful secret of their religion and Christian apologists will make up any excuse and will tell any lie in order to convince us that there were no jehovitic human sacrifices and assure that all the verses cited here are somehow 'misinterpreted' despite the fact that several passages of the Bible itself say clearly there were in fact many human sacrifices ordered by Yahweh and even speak of them in shocking detail. The apologists of the churches tend to quote the Bible in a selective manner and therefore their ministries are deceptive. They are willing to make any excuse in order to justify the perverse behavior of their misanthropic god and put together all their efforts in order to defend something which is completely immoral and present it as something moral and righteous. Thus they have sacrificed their own humanity and their behavior is just shameful.

Their lies are exposed by the words of their own demonic god who admits to his prophet Ezekiel that he himself had instigated the peoples to offer infanticidal sacrifices:

'Wherefore I gave them also statutes that were not good, and judgments whereby they should not live; And I polluted them in their own gifts, in that they caused to pass through the fire all that openeth the womb, that I might make them desolate, to the end that they might know that I am Yahweh.' (Ezekiel 20:25-26).

The biblical phrase 'cause to pass through the fire all that openeth the womb' is a reference to the child holocaust, a kind of sacrifice in which the victim was burnt completely and offered to Yahweh. According to the same prophetic book, Yahweh polluted the offerings of the people and made them immolate their own sons in the fire simply because the Hebrews hadn't observed the Sabbath or day of rest and some of them had made idols (Ezekiel 20:24). Thus is the twisted morality of the perverse god of the Jews!

Many naive people regard the Judeochristian culture as a source of wholesome moral values. Those people defend the Bible for ethical reasons. In western societies we are conditioned to believe that the so-called Sacred Scriptures are a manual for reaching sanctity. However, once understood in its wholeness, the biblical law which Yahweh himself supposedly revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai is by no means an authentic moral code, but rather an almost political manifesto whose real purpose is the justification of the tyrannical dictatorship of the cosmic despot Yahweh.

The Mosaic law takes on the appearance of an ethical manual at a first glance, but in reality it doesn't intend to establish any authentic and coherent moral system but only aims to justify the questionable customs of the jehovitic cult. The morality of Yahweh has no coherence whatsoever. For example, it is forbidden for people to work on the Sabbath day or make love before marriage and both of these transgressions can be punished by death by stoning, but it is okay and even ordered that the Jews perpetrate genocide against their foreign neighbors and commit mass infanticide. The truth is that the biblical law is just a sadistic torture for man.

The so-called 'loving father' demands that men be stoned to death just because they lit a flame or gathered firewood on the Sabbath day, the sanctified day of Yahweh (Exodus 31:12-15; Numbers 15:32-36); and requires also that believers murder their family members and friends if the decide to abandon the bloody cult of Yahweh and follow other spiritual paths (Deuteronomy 13:6-10). Likewise, New Testament theology teaches that all those who don't follow the barbaric religion of Yahweh will be judged by his supposed son Jesus and burnt in an infernal lake of fire (Revelation 20:10-14; John 8:24; 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9; 2:11-12). Yahweh is not a benevolent god but a loathsome monster and his accursed holy book is nothing more than an evil tool for the destruction of humanity!

As well as being an extremely malevolent entity whose character is sadistic, the Hebrew god Yahweh is also an adversary who was always opposed to the enlightenment of man. The story of the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis begins with a prohibition against the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (Genesis 2:17). In the following chapter Yahweh not only lied telling Adam that the day that he ate from the Tree of Knowledge he would certainly die but also admitted that the Serpent was right acknowledging that man was like one of them = the gods (Genesis 3:4-5; 3:22). If we read Genesis carefully, we know that Adam really did acquire the knowledge of the gods when he ate from the forbidden fruit just as the Serpent had told him and we become aware that man didn't die because he ate from the Tree of Knowledge but because Yahweh himself and his malevolent cherubims blocked his access to the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:24). Besides, the text says that Yahweh introduced many curses into the world on purpose (Genesis 3:16-19). It is evident that Yahweh never wanted man to awaken and have the same conscience as the divine beings and only wished to keep us as an ignorant slave in his terrestrial sanctuary.

Yahweh's policy of obscurantism doesn't stop their. The Mosaic law forbids any kind of spiritual knowledge from magic and divination to communication with familiar spirits or interdimensional entities (Leviticus 19:26; 19:31; Deuteronomy 18:10-12). Why did Yahweh fear so much that he forbade people to communicate with interdimensional beings? The answer is that Yahweh was scared that humans have contact with their ancestral gods and know the truth about his true identity. Ironically the Book of Enoch, an apocryphal text of great significance in Second Temple Judaism, reveals that the magical arts and divination techniques have their origin in heaven and were taught to the daughters of men by the angels who had abandoned their positions in heaven and opposed the authority of Yahweh (Enoch 7:1; 8:3). The angels of Yahweh accused the rebellious angels of having revealed to humans the 'eternal secrets of heaven' (Enoch 9:6). Likewise, during the episode of the disruption of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 Yahweh is shocked by the astounding spiritual progress of humans whose tower (allegorical) is about to reach heaven and admits to his divine companions, the other Elohim gods, that nothing will be able to stop them (Genesis 11:6). Here Yahweh again fears that man will reach the divine realm and become a rival. Therefore, he and his celestial henchmen descend to the earth and confuse the language (spiritual) of mankind (Genesis 11:7). This is very interesting given that some of the more ancient Sumerian texts on which many of the biblical stories are based recount that the highest god of heaven was opposed to the revelation of the science of the design of heaven and earth to man (Legend of Adapa). What is certain is that Yahweh always was opposed to the enlightenment of humanity and therefore ought to be considered the enemy of our race.

In brief, regardless of the fantasies of Evangelical pastors and their beguiled victims, the god of the Bible is not our loving father but a malignant nightmare for mankind. He can only be considered the true devil. If somebody tells you that Yahweh is love, tell him/her not to insult your intelligence! Christian apologists who make any excuse in order to justify their god, ignore the countless sum of biblical verses which recount the evil deeds of Yahweh and continue to fantasize that the Judeochristian deity is a perfect, benevolent and infinitely loving entity are dishonest and are only deceiving themselves. They have fallen in the trap of the deceitful accusatory inversion of the Zionist religion of Yahweh. Despite the fact that the Bible itself gives a very clear testimony that Yahweh has all the attributes of a demonic entity, most people continue to believe naively that the Serpent of wisdom is the enemy of mankind. In reality, the Serpent of Eden, the great Ushumgal of Eridú and our benevolent god Enki, is the true defender and benefactor of the human race and he rebelled against the tyranny and the cruelty of the malevolent Yahweh for a just motive.

The True Identity of Yahweh: A Shocking Revelation

Who is Yahweh really? Without doubt, the origin and identity of the god of the Jews are topics shrouded in mystery. According to the Bible, Yahweh is the only god who created heaven and earth and nobody else is like him. However, contrary to the claims of traditional Judeochristian theology, modern biblical scholarship reveals another story. In reality, jehovitic monotheism was quite a late invention in the history of the Hebrew people and has its origin in the 7th century BCE according to the academic consensus. What are the implications of this revelation? The original religion of the western Semites, the Hebrews included, recognized a polytheistic theology and the entity known as Yahweh in the later biblical religion was originally just one of many gods in the ancient pantheon. Therefore, the god of Judaism has his origin among the ancient deities of the polytheistic cultures of the Middle East and the Levantine Mediterranean.

Although the tetragrammaton YHWH, vocalized as Yahweh, is the most well known name of the god of the Hebrews, it is by no means his original name in the biblical tradition. In fact, the biblical deity begins his life in the Hebrew Bible under the name El and sometimes its plural form Elohim, and later adopts the epithet Yahweh when he presents himself to Moses for the first time on Mount Horeb. In other words, Yahweh is not a personal name but rather a divine title which can be translated as 'he who makes exist' or 'he who creates'.

What is the origin of the ancient deity known as El in many passages of the Bible? In the second millennium BCE way before the redaction of the Pentateuch and the birth of absolute jehovitic monotheism, El was regarded as the highest deity of the ancient semitic pantheon and revered as the Father of all the Elohim together with his consort Asherah. His divine sons, known as the Bene ha Elohim or 'sons of the gods', included semitic gods such as Baal, Kothar-wa-Khasis, Ashtarte and Mot. These sons of the divine couple of El and Asherah would later be turned into fallen angels, the Sons of God, in Genesis 6:2 and also in the apocryphal Enochian literature in accordance with the new monotheistic theology (Day, 2002iv; Smith, 2003v). In the pre-Israelite Canaanite religion El was known by the divine title El dū yahwī ṣaba'ôt whose meaning is 'El who creates the hosts (armies)' (Miller, 2000vi). Let's bear in mind that the biblical theonym Yahweh appears on many occasions as an abbreviation of Yahweh Sebaot, a Hebrew epithet which can be translated as 'he who creates the hosts (armies)'. In other words, Yahweh was always an epithet associated with the primordial deity El in the pre-biblical semitic religion. Therefore, Yahweh and El have always been the same entity.

How was El according to the primitive semitic religion? El was recognized as the king of heaven, the head of the assembly of the Elohim, the great divine judge, the 'Father of all the gods' and the main deity of harvest and agriculture. Moreover, he was associated with the bull as a symbol of his male potency and known as the 'Father of Years', which means he was the god of time. In the Levantine regions of the Iron Age, El was worshiped as the Supreme Father and the Most High by the Phoenicians, the Philistines and the Canaanites among other semitic peoples, and his cult was characterized by sacrifice, both animal and human, and in particular the offering of firstborn sons in holocaust (Olyan, 1988vii). What is certain is that El was a warlike and bloodthirsty god who lusted after sacrificial blood. Interestingly the same pre-Israelite deity was represented by a winged solar disk with a star in its center.

Let's take a moment to revise the numerous similarities between the biblical El-Yahweh and his pre-Israelite semitic precursor. First, both were known by the epithet Yahweh Sebaot (yahwī ṣaba'ôt), both being 'creators of the hosts (armies)'. They were gods of war. Second, both presented themselves as the Supreme Father and were worshiped as the Most High. The pre-biblical Canaanite version was revered as the Father of all the Elohim and his biblical successor is presented as the Father of the angels (Bene ha Elohim) (Genesis 6:2). Third, both are the chief who presides over the assembly of the gods. In Psalm 82:1 El-Yahweh presents himself as the president of the council of the gods and judges in the midst of his heavenly colleagues. According to the Canaanite texts, El presided over the divine assembly along with his son Baal, but he always maintained his status as the highest god (Smith, 2009viii). Fourth, both were blood-lusting gods whose cult demanded human sacrifice and the holocaust of firstborn males. The Hebrews would inherit their sacrificial practices from the Canaanite cult directly (Smith, 2002ix). Fifth, both had as an epithet Father of Years and were described as aged gods. The references to Yahweh in the Bible such as Ancient of Days whose hair was as white as pure wool (Daniel 7:9) and the great god (El in the original Hebrew text) whose years are unsearchable (Job 36:26) are identical to the descriptions of El in the Ugaritic texts (Day, 2002x). Sixth, El was represented by a pointed star inside a solar disk with wings in the Canaanite religion and the god whom the Jews worshiped was associated with the star in the Bible (Amos 5:26). Presently the main symbol of Judaism is the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon. The Cult of Yahweh in Judaism has its roots in the Cult of El of the polytheistic semitic peoples such as the Canaanites and the Phoenicians.

Where did the Cult of El of the Levantine Semites come from? It is already known that the western semitic pantheon like all the other pantheons of the ancient Middle East such as the Babylonian ultimately has its origin in the very ancient pantheon of the Sumerians (Kramer, 1998xi). Therefore, the pantheons of the Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Levantine Semitic (Canaanite) cultures and even that of the Hellenic civilization all have a common ancestor and many of their divine members are identical in all the different cultures mentioned above. The semitic god El, the precursory version of the biblical El-Yahweh, has his inception in the more ancient Sumero-Akkadian religion in which he was known by his original name: Anu, the god of heaven.

Very akin to his semitic equivalent El, the Sumerian god Anu was the king of heaven, the highest of the Mesopotamian pantheon, a feared great judge, the president of the Divine Council and the Progenitor of all the Anunnaki. He engendered the lineage of the great Sumero-Akkadian gods such as Enlil, Enki (Ea), Inanna (Ishtar) and Nergal (Erra). These are the Sumerian equivalents of the semitic gods Baal, Kothar-wa-Khasis, Ashtarte and Mot respectively. Besides, just like El, Anu was represented by the bull as a symbol of his masculinity and in the Sumerian religion it was believed that he had created the hosts of heaven as his soldiers for the destruction of his enemies. Likewise, in the Hebrew Bible Yahweh is known as the Lord of the Heavenly Hosts. Anu was a powerful and warlike god. Similarly his symbol was a star inside a disk. According to the Sumero-Akkadian texts, all much more ancient than the Hebrew Bible by millennia, Anu was the god who was opposed to Enki revealing to Adapa (Adam) the science of the design of heaven and earth (Kramer & Maier, 1989xii), denied him the Bread and Water of Life (Legend of Adapa) and was the first to swear the oath to destroy mankind by the flood (Sumerian Deluge of Nippur). It is true to say that in the Mesopotamian mythology Anu was a violent usurper who rose in combat against the previous king Alalu and defeated him in a fight for the throne of heaven (Van Der Toorn, 1996xiii).

El and Anu were the same deity in the region of Mesopotamia (Blásquez, 2001xiv). In fact, the semitic root el/il/ilu from which the Canaanite and Hebrew theonym El is derived is of Sumero-Akkadian origin. In Akkadian, the ancestor of all the semitic languages, the cuneiform ideogram for the deity Anu had two phonetic values and could be read as Anu or Ilu. Here we find a direct etymological link between the theonyms El and Anu. Besides, as we have just seen, almost all of the fundamental characteristics of the two are so identical as to conclude that El and Anu are the same deity. The only difference is that in we still haven't found in the pre-Israelite Canaanite texts any explicit reference that El was an usurper of the throne of heaven, although he was considered the son of the primordial deities Elyon and Beruth just as Anu in the Mesopotamian mythology was engendered by the pre-pantheonic gods Anshar and Kishar. However, in the most primitive Hebrew texts which underlie some parts of the Pentateuch, we can in fact find some subtle references to an ascension to power and even to an usurpation of the heavenly throne by El-Yahweh thanks to his great military skill (Stark, 2011xv). In the Song of Moses of the pre-biblical manuscript 4QDeut we see that Yahweh first inherits the land of Israel from his superior Elyon, the Most High, and then rises to the top of the pantheon after defeating his divine rivals. We encounter a parallel scene in Psalm 82 in which Yahweh, the god of Israel, judges the other gods in the middle of the Divine Council, condemns the other divine sons of Elyon to die like men and declares that he himself will inherit all the nations (Smith, 2001xvi). In the end, in the most primitive texts of the Hebrew Bible there is conserved a vestige of the primordial Mesopotamian myth of the usurpation of the throne of heaven by Anu (El).

We now understand that the semitic deity El, known also as Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible, has his origin in the very ancient Sumerian pantheon and is identical to the sky god Anu. However, the revelation doesn't end there. The following is much more surprising and shocking. In ancient times the same El of the western Semites was identified with Kronos in the Hellenic religion (Smith, 2002xvii). For the Levantine peoples, El and Kronos were identical. Who was Kronos? Kronos was the Greek name of none other than the violent and bloodthirsty Roman god Saturn. Just like Anu-El in the Middle East, Saturn-Kronos in the Mediterranean mythology was the highest titan of the pantheon, the lord of the throne of heaven, a violent usurper who had defeated his own father for supremacy and a ruthless tyrant. Identical to El in the semitic religion, Saturn-Kronos was a god of harvest and agriculture and was also considered the Father of Time just as El was known as 'Father of Years' and 'Ancient of Days' in the pre-Israelite semitic texts and in some books of the Hebrew Bible. Besides, Saturn-Kronos was an infanticidal god who devoured children and his cult was characterized by human sacrifice and the offering of firstborn sons in holocaust. This would explain why we find some vestiges of the practice of human sacrifice and ritual infanticide in the jehovitic cult in the texts of the primary history of the Hebrew Bible. The main symbols of Saturn-Kronos were the scythe, the cross and the waning moon.

The Hebrews were always Saturn worshipers from the beginning. Although the Jews would like to conceal it, Judaism has always been a saturnic cult whose god is none other than El/Kronos and therefore Anu. Everybody knows that the sacred day of the Hebrew god is Saturday. Saturday is intrinsically liked to the ancient deity Saturn-Kronos. Although languages such as Spanish and Modern Greek have adopted the word sábado/sábbato whose most well known meaning is 'day of rest', the seventh day of the week (Saturday) was called Diēs Saturnī or 'Day of Saturn' in Latin and Kronía in honor of Kronos in Classical Greek. Many people know that Saturday in Hebrew is Shabbath, the day of rest or Sabbath of Judaism; however, few people know the true origin of this semitic term. Shabbath shares its etymological root with the word Shabbathai, the name for the god and the planet Saturn in the Hebrew language. Besides, in pre-Israelite antiquity the planet Saturn, the judge of all the planets, was associated with El. Likewise, his Sumerian precursor Anu was associated with a set of celestial bodies which included the warlike planets Mars and Saturn in Mesopotamian mythology (Evans, 1998xviii). Moreover, in the Kabbala, Jewish esotericism, Yahweh Elohim is associated with the sephira Binah and by extension with the planet Saturn (Guiley, 2009xix).

In brief, the true identity of the Hebrew god Yahweh is a bone-chilling revelation. Yahweh is El, Saturn, Kronos and Anu. All of these are the various facets of the same entity: the evil king of heaven of the Sumerian pantheon. The Hebrews were always the people of Saturn. At the start of their history, the Jewish people worshiped Saturn openly. However, since the exile of the Hebrews in Babylonia (6th century BCE), they would begin to conceal the true nature of their deity and the post-exile Judaism would develop as a crypto-saturnic cult. Since then their Saturn worship has been the most shocking secret of the elite of the Jewish people.

The Crypto-Saturnism of Judaism

We have already established that the Hebrew god Yahweh was El, the pre-Israelite deity associated with Saturn; the Jewish people have always sanctified the day of Shabbathai (Saturn) and in the primitive Hebrew religion saturnic practices such as human sacrifice and the holocaust of firstborn males were commonplace customs in the jehovitic cult. It remains clear that the true deity of the Jewish religion has always been Saturn. In fact, the name of the Hebrew fatherland Israel can mean 'El (Saturn) fights' or 'El (Saturn) rules'. However, since the age of the post-exile prophets, the elite of the priesthood has always wanted to conceal the saturnic aspect of Judaism and present Yahweh as a unique god completely separated from his saturnic history.

The Judaism of the post-exile prophets is a front designed by the elite of Jewry with the purpose of hiding the Saturnism of the Hebrew religion. At that time the Hebrews were exiled abroad and it is most likely that the Jewish priesthood wanted their cult to appear more respectable before the eyes of outsiders. Let's bear in mind that the main objective of Judaism has always been Zionism and of course the Jews would begin to infiltrate the Gentile nations after the Babylonian exile. Therefore it was necessary for them to conceal the true intentions of their dark sect, sever their ties with their shameful past and begin to operate in a surreptitious manner.

The Book of Amos is a good example of the building of a religious facade in order to hide the saturnic practices of the Hebrew cult. In Amos 5:26 we see that the prophet admonishes the house of Israel and berates the Jews for bearing images dedicated to Moloch and Chiun.

'But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.'

This verse is very important. Here we can see that the Hebrews worshiped a god known as Chiun and represented by a star. Who was Chiun? The theonym Chiun was a hebraized form of the Paleo-Babylonian word Kewan/Kayawanu, a Mesopotamian name for the planet Saturn. In the Greek Septuagint Chiun was translated as Remphan, another name for Saturn. The star of Chiun is linked to the so-called Star of David or the Seal of Solomon, the saturnic symbol of the Jewish cult. In the end, this passage of Amos confirms that the Hebrews were Saturn worshipers.

However, here the elites of the Hebrew priesthood were well cunning. Despite the fact that the saturnic cult had been a practice typical of the Hebrews from the beginning under the Cult of El, the priestly redactors of Amos aimed to present Saturn as a foreign god deceptively, using his Babylonian name on purpose even though there already existed the saturnic terms El and Shabbathai in their own language. In other words, the Jewish priests sought to misrepresent their own shameful god as a god of the Babylonians, portray his cult among the Hebrews as a foreign heresy adopted by the Jewish people in exile and disassociate Yahweh from his elian/saturnic past presenting him as a unique and distinct god.

The three abrahamic religions are crypto-saturnic cults. Present-day Judaism still retains the saturnic star which goes back to the cult of El/Anu as its main symbol and practicing Jews continue to use the Tefilin, the black cube of El/Saturn, in their religious worship. Besides, in the Jewish religion the practice of the ritual killing of cattle is still performed in the saturnic style. Islam, another sect derived from Judaism, has as its main logo the waning moon and the star, two symbols associated with Saturn-Kronos in the ancient world. Moreover, its most sacred structure, the Kaaba at the heart of Mecca, is the same saturnic cube as the Jewish Tefilin. Christianity is also full of saturnic symbolism. In fact, the practice of the Holy Supper in the Christian churches is nothing more than a simulation of the sacrifice of the firstborn son of the ancient Cult of Saturn. The supposed son of El-Yahweh is immolated on the cross as an offering for the sins of believers whose role is to eat the body and drink the blood of their sacrificed Christ. This is simulated ritual cannibalism. Let's remember that in the Greco-Roman mythology Saturn-Kronos was a depraved deity who devoured his own sons. Then, the Christian cross also can be interpreted as a saturnic symbol of bondage given that it was one of the symbols of Saturn-Kronos in antiquity and has served to subjugate Gentile humanity, the description of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation resembles very closely the cube of Saturn and some of the allegorical sermons of Jesus in the Gospels contain saturnic symbolism such as the idea of Yahweh as a reaper who harvests the field separating the wheat from the chaff. Let's remember that Saturn-Kronos was considered a deity of agriculture and a reaper of the harvest. In the end, the three monotheistic religions dedicated to Yahweh, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are indeed crypto-saturnic cults whose hidden god is El/Saturn/Kronos/Anu and therefore they are three very powerful tools of Jewish Zionism.

Yahweh-El-Saturn: The Mysterious Demonic God of the Illuminati

Many people would faint with shock if they knew who is the true god of the Illuminati. Who are the Illuminati? Illuminati is a Latin word which means 'the Enlightened' and presently serves as an umbrella term to refer to the network of intertwined secret societies and occult brotherhoods who exercise their power over the nations of the world in a covert manner. The Illuminati are the elite of world politics, economy and religion and the objective of their clandestine organization is a total monopoly over all the power structures of all the nations and complete dominion over the financial system. It is believed that the Illuminati seek to install a one world government, something which is denominated the 'New World Order'.

What is the true identity of the Illuminists of the New World Order? Some people assume that the Illuminati are worshipers of Satan. Others believe that they are a dark clique of shape-shifting reptilians. However, we must distance ourselves from all that disinformation and see who they really are. At present the pinnacle of society is dominated by the elite of International Jewry. Interestingly that small and mysterious people of barely 15 million members (less than 0.2% of the world population) has been the founding force of the three most dominant religions in the western world, has been behind almost all of the revolutionary and radical movements of the modern age, controls the majority of the planet's wealth and exercises a tremendous amount of power in the political arena. Christianity, the most prevalent religion on the planet, was founded by a group of Zionist Jews linked to the Great Sanhedrin of Jerusalem (Paul of Tarsus and his teacher Gamaliel). Likewise, Islam, the second largest world religion, was born out of the same Jewish abrahamic current. In modern times the same wandering people has been behind the infiltration of Freemasonry, the French and Russian revolutions, the communist movements, fascism and Illuminism. Presently the financial world continues to be dominated by corrupt Jewish bankers and the most powerful country in the world, the United States, is mysteriously compromised to the cause of the warmongering Jewish state of Israel. In the end, the New World Order of the Illuminati is nothing more than conspiratory Zionism.

The true identity of the New World Order is Judaism and its saturnic cult!

The elites of the order of the Illuminati are Zionist Jews whose god is none other than the same Yahweh/El/Kronos/Saturn (Anu) of the Old Testament. They are the heirs of the pact of their god and the New World Order by which they will rule over the whole world is the fulfillment of the biblical promises of Yahweh. Let's bear in mind that in reality the Hebrew Bible is nothing more than a blueprint for Jewish Zionism. The so-called Sacred Scriptures are in fact a preliminary design for Jewish world domination and a tool for achieving that sinister goal. In the end, the Illuminati are not henchmen of the Christian devil Satan or followers of an occult Luciferian philosophy as many people would like to have us believe; all that satanic symbolism is nothing more than a smokescreen for the concealment of their true identity. The Illuminati are the initiates of an ignominious saturnic cult inherited from the original religion of the Hebrew Bible. That means that the demonic personage whom the Illuminati worship is another facet of the same god worshiped in Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and Islamic mosques.

It is evident that the order of the Illuminati is closely linked to the Cult of Saturn. Many of the organizations of the present-day elite are chock-full of saturnic symbolism as a sign of their alliance with their dark god.

Freemasonry, a great stronghold of the Illuminism of the elite, is an occult group based on the Jewish Kabbala and whose anonymous god the Great Architect of the Universe is the same El-Saturn. Its main symbols include the compass and the masonic quadrant, the illuminated pyramid, the all-seeing eye accompanied by solar rays and the Seal of Solomon among others. The secret of all these is that they are now linked to the Cult of Saturn. For example, with the logo of the compass and quadrant not only can one form the so-called Seal of Solomon, the Judeosaturnic star, but also the symbol resembles the magical sigil of Saturn. Likewise, the well known illuminated pyramid forms half of the same Seal of Solomon and when it is reversed one clearly sees the mystical symbol of Judaism. The all-seeing eye with its shining solar rays in reality represents the planet Saturn and has been associated with Yahweh since the Middle Ages, and the Seal of Solomon used openly in masonic symbolism has been an image typical of El-Saturn since the time of the Phoenicians.

Imagen Imagen Likewise, many of the world religions and the new sects are essentially temples dedicated to the Cult of Saturn. The Christian groups, both Catholic and Protestant, exhibit a symbolism which gives testimony to their alliance with the dark god of this world. To begin with, the Seal of Solomon is present in the architecture of many Catholic chapels and cathedrals and in some churches we find the all-seeing eye displayed shamelessly. If we talk about the new Christian sects, it is no news that the temples of the Mormon church are adorned with images of the all-seeing eye, the solar eclipse of Saturn, and various kinds of occult stars and pentagrams, and the biblical society of the Jehovah's Witnesses is famous for its shameful history of masonic symbolism. The Seventh Day Adventist Church in particular is an interesting organization, since not only is it a sabbatical sect which gives cult to its god on Saturday or the day of Saturn, but also is characterized by a wealth of saturnic esoteric symbolism. In its main logo one can catch a glimpse of the shape of the pyramid, the eye-like earth in the center and three rings which surround the sphere of the earth. This symbol resembles the all-seeing eye. However, its occult symbolism goes much further than a simple Illuminist pyramid. If we flip the logo around and place a small mirror in the center we become aware that the ancient astrological sign of Saturn-Kronos is hidden in its design. The Jesuits, however, exhibit the same astrological symbol in a much more blatant manner in some of their logos.

We find the same symbolism in the worlds of business and politics. It is well known that the all-seeing eye and the saturnic star of Judaism are found in some United States dollar bills and the same symbols appear in the emblems of many government organizations. Moreover, the image of the planet Saturn is very much present in the logos of the large enterprises of the global elite. For example, the rings of Saturn appear in the logos of Pepsi, Toyota, Boeing, Nike, Samsung, NASA, Intel, Singtel, Nortel, Alcatel, AOL, Nokia, CBS and many more. All these Illuminist companies are allied with the dark god of this world: El-Saturn/Yahweh/Anu.

Imagen Imagen Interestingly in the last decade the Cassini probe discovered a bizarre hexagonal vortex on the north pole of Saturn, the planet of El/Yahweh/Anu. As we are able to see above, the vortex not only forms the saturnic star of Judaism but also the saturnic black cube. The god of the Illuminati, El-Saturn/Yahweh/Anu, the evil god of this world, has ensnared our earth in his network of energy (kabbalistic black magic) via the energetical vortex of his malignant planet. El-Yahweh is the god of the New World Order.


We have just seen that the god of the biblical religion is not and has never been a great loving father as the religious elites have wanted us to believe, but in fact he has been an utterly sadistic and immoral entity from the beginning. The holy book of Judaism itself, the Hebrew Bible, portrays Yahweh as a depraved monster whose blood lust is insatiable and a cruel and warlike tyrant.

Therefore, the myth of the so-called benevolence of the Judeochristian god is nothing more than a shameless lie of dishonest priests, pastors and Christian apologists and just like many of the church doctrines it has no real foundation in the biblical scriptures. In fact, the Bible itself says that the Hebrew god not only ordered his people to offer daily animal sacrifices and commit ruthless acts of genocide against the non-Jewish peoples, but also demanded that Jews immolated their own sons in holocaust and murdered foreign children by the blade of the sword and then admitted that he himself had given the Hebrew unsound statutes on purpose so that they would sacrifice their own sons in the jehovitic cult as a punishment for their sins.

The god of Israel is not a god of love; he is a true demonic entity! That is proven in the very texts of the Bible. Therefore, the teaching that Yahweh is a benevolent god is roundly debunked and turns out to be nothing more than a naive fantasy and a pious lie of the blind, chauvinistic and deceitful fanatics of the religion.

The true identity of Yahweh also turns out to be a rather shocking surprise. Our studies show that the Hebrew god Yahweh, whose biblical theonym is in fact an abbreviation of the epithet Yahweh Sebaot or 'he who creates the hosts (armies)', is identical to the ancient pre-Israelite Canaanite deity El, a bloodthirsty and warlike god whose cult demanded the holocaust of firstborn males and whose epithets included El dū yahwī ṣaba'ôt (El who creates the hosts) and Father of Years just like the biblical Yahweh. What is most terrifying is that in antiquity the same semitic El was identical to the infamous and deranged infanticidal deity Kronos whose western name is Saturn. In fact, the Jews have always been worshipers of El-Saturn since the inception of their history and they have always sanctified the day of Shabbathai (Saturn) as a part of their cult. In the end, Saturnism has always constituted the essential lifeblood of the Jewish religion.

Where did El-Saturn come from? The conclusion of our research tells us that the primordial semitic deity El was identical to the god of heaven and king of the pantheon in the Sumero-Akkadian religion, the malevolent divine monarch Anu, the father and bitter enemy of our benevolent creator Enki. Anu, a misanthropic deity known also as the Lord of the Heavenly Hosts, is the same El-Saturn and therefore is identical to the biblical Yahweh. In the age of the prophets, the Jewish religious elite tried to conceal the saturnic nature of their cult; however, they would keep on practicing the same religion of Saturn on a clandestine level.

The truth is that the original Judaism has always been a blueprint for Zionism or Jewish world domination. The Zionists of the Cult of Saturn are the true heirs of the pact of their god El-Yahweh. They are the sons of the promise of the biblical god. What was promised to them was Jewish dominion over all the nations. The promise was the fulfillment of Zionism. It is wholly ridiculous that Gentile Christians whose churches uphold the Replacement Theology believe themselves to be the heirs of Yahweh's pact. It would be absurd to believe that Yahweh nullified his original pact and abandoned his Jewish people. Yahweh never abandoned his Chosen People in favor of the Christians; the Gentile Christians are well duped. Christianity is nothing more than a Jewish Trojan Horse and a tool for Jewish domination! It is a stealthy infiltration strategy by the Zionist Jews!

Gentile Christian are not the new chosen people of Yahweh; they have only fallen prisoners of his cruel game. Upon converting to the Christianity of the Proto-Zionist Paul of Tarsus and his Jewish teachers of the Great Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, the Gentiles have subjected themselves to the manipulation of the Zionist elites. The Christians have signed their conscription documents and the Jewish puppeteers now have their 'Christian soldiers'. In the end, Christians and Muslims have fallen into the claws of the true adversary of mankind, the malevolent El/Yahweh/Saturn/Anu, the evil god of this world and lord of the Illuminati and their nefarious New World Order.


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