The Reverend John F. Hudson
My only comment on the title Reverend is that it is less audacious than Lord Of The Realm.

Email: John F. Hudson
Age: 53 (in 2013)

Home Address: 14 Lamplighter Lane, Sherborn, MA 01770
Home Phone: 401-792-9223
Property assessment: approx $750,000

I do find it ironic he lives on Lamplighter Lane.
There is in every village a torch - the teacher: and an extinguisher - the clergyman.

Work address: 25 S Main Street, Sherborn, MA 01770
Work Phone: 508-655-1667

This clown seems to be the lead moron at the Pilgrim Church in Sherborn , a United Church of Christ.

What annoys me about this idiot is that at age 53, he still believes in this mythical man-god Jesus who impregnated his own mother to give birth to his son who is himself.

He gets all his information from the Encyclopedia Moronica.

What kind of deranged moron would accept a religion whose main symbol is a guy nailed to a cross?

This idiot makes a concerted effort to be complicit in the retardation of human intellectual progress.

This pastor should be stripped naked, hung upside down and used as a clapper in his church bells.

Religion is the art of sugar coating a turd and selling it to you as doughnut and Hudson is in the doughnut business. If we're lucky, this man will develop an inoperable tumor at the base of his spine.

He writes a column in our local Framingham Jew Tab every week talking about imaginary creatures in his mind. What a maroon!

He has his own web page.

It's only because of the stupidity of his readers that he is able to be so sure of himself.

Jesus Jokes

What's the difference between the real Jesus and a picture of Jesus? It only takes one nail to hang up the picture.

So Jesus walks in a motel, puts 3 nails on the counter, and asks the manager "can you put me up for the night?"

What do men and Jesus have in common? They always brag about a second coming but it never happens.

No one has the slightest physical evidence to support a historical Jesus; no artifacts, dwelling, works of carpentry, or self-written manuscripts. All claims about Jesus derive from writings of other people. There occurs no contemporary Roman record that shows Pontius Pilate executing a man named Jesus. Devastating to historians, there occurs not a single contemporary writing that mentions Jesus. All documents about Jesus came well after the life of the alleged Jesus from either: unknown authors, people who had never met an earthly Jesus, or from fraudulent, mythical or allegorical writings. Although one can argue that many of these writings come from fraud or interpolations, I will use the information and dates to show that even if these sources did not come from interpolations, they could still not serve as reliable evidence for a historical Jesus, simply because all sources about Jesus derive from hearsay accounts.

Hearsay means information derived from other people rather than on a witness' own knowledge.

Courts of law do not generally allow hearsay as testimony, and nor does honest modern scholarship. Hearsay provides no proof or good evidence, and therefore, we should dismiss it.

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