This one time Lot wanted his daughters raped instead of his guests July 26, 2020
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So there's this guy, Lot, who lives in a town called Sodom.

One evening he spots two strangers at the gates of the city, and invites them into his home. Good guy Lot.

Lot's fellow citizens find out and flock together, forming a mob at his door. They want Lot to produce the guests so they can gang rape them. Not sure if this is the local custom back then but it seems the whole city is on board with the idea.

Lot, alas, isn't. He values his hospitality. So he proposes a deal: He offers them his daughters to be dealt with at the mob's discretion in return for his guests' safety. As you do.

But the mob says no. The mob wants male arse. The mob is mad they are being offered some girls instead.

In the meantime, Lot's guests sense the whole deal will be going south soon and they pull Lot back into the house, while God strikes the mob with blindness.

Plot twist: The two guests turn out to be in fact angels sent by God with a warning message about the impending destruction of Sodom and its metropolitan area. The angels beg Lot to leave the city. But Lot has two other daughters and son-in-laws to match. He doesn't want to leave them behind. But the ungrateful kids laugh at him.

The angels finally manage to get Lot, his wife and their virgin daughters out of the city. Just in time! As they flee, God brings down hellfire on the entire region, killing everyone unlucky to have stayed, men, women, children, animals.

Lots family escapes without harm, courtesy of the two angels. But then the wife disregards one of the most important rules: Never look back at the explosions; walk away from the explosion, looking cool as fuck.

God punishes Lot's wife and turns her into a pillar of salt.

Lot and his daughters make their escape, seeking refuge in a cave in the mountains.

Some time later the daughters get their dad drunk and raped him on two consecutive nights to get pregnant. And it works. Lot's daughters get pregnant from drunk Lot.

In commemoration of their romantic encounter the older daughter names her kid Moab, which actually means: "From the father". Sweet.

What a lovely family. And here's you thinking Game of Thrones was twisted, eh?

Source: Genesis 19:30-38

Christians focus the story of Sodom and Gomorrah on gays and do not take note of how much God cares for women.

Just give the two virgin daughters to the mob.

Of course we don't know if the two daughters were ugly as sin.
Getting pregnant by fucking your drunk father may be a clue.

Meanwhile, it turns out there may be a basis for this story.
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Link 2
God works in mysterious ways.

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