There are all too many profitable companies in the U.S. that will not pay taxes this, but this year's tax deadbeats also include 300,000 religious congregations who own $600 billion in property, yet pay no federal, state, local or property taxes.

If you sell cheap shoes and clothing, like Forever 21, you pay taxes. but if you are Forever 33 (Jesus) and sell invisible products like salvation, heaven, etc., you pay no taxes. Most non-profits are still required to submit IRS Form 990 , but not Forever 33 organizations.

If we raise sin taxes on things that are bad (like tobacco, alcohol, marijuana) to get people to stop doing them, then why do we not tax the hell out of religion so people don't get stupid and start believing in large invisible, imaginary sky creatures

More people than ever before are non-religious, and we shouldn't have to subsidize a myth that we're not buying into

If we levy taxes - sin taxes, they call them - on things that are bad to get people to stop doing them, why, in Heaven's name, don't we tax religion - a sexist, homophobic magic act that's been used to justify everything from genital mutilation to genocide?

You want to raise the tax on tobacco so kids don't get cancer?

Okay. But then let's put one on Sunday School so they don't get stupid.

Want to know how dangerous fake news is? Two thousand years later and people still believe the virgin birth Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, died, resurrected and ascended into heaven. No wonder fake news is so widespread. People will believe damn near anything. Happy fake holiday!

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