This church must be next to a library.

The very first moral lesson one learns in the bible, is that eating from the Tree of knowledge is bad.

Very bad for those who wish to be close to imaginary creatures.

A very religious friend of mine recently stated that:

The more knowledge you acquire, the further away you get from God.

He did not consider the corollary:

The less knowledge you have the closer you get to God.

A good scientific education in these fields will pretty much wipe God from your life.

  • anthropology,
  • archeology,
  • astronomy,
  • astrobiology
  • biochemistry,
  • biology,
  • cosmology,
  • embryology ,
  • DNA,
  • entomology,
  • genetics ,
  • evolution,
  • geology,
  • microbiology,
  • molecular anthropology,
  • molecular biology ,
  • molecular engineering,
  • orbital mechanics,
  • paleontology,
  • plate tectonics,
  • quantum physics

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