Billions of years ago, God made a Divine Plan. It was a good plan and he put it into practice and for billions of years now, the Divine Plan has been doing well.

Then you come along and pray for something. Suppose what you want isn't in God's Divine Plan? What do you want him to do? Change his Divine Plan? Just for you? Isn't that a little arrogant of you.

What's the purpose of having a Divine Plan if every rundown schmuck with a two dollar prayer book can come along and fuck up your Divine Plan?

If what you want is not in God's Divine Plan, then you might say it's God's Will. If it's in God's Will, why pray for it? It all sounds very confusing.

The Divine Plan would make us into automatons. If we supposedly have free will, then the Divine Plan isn't worth squat.

The Divine Plan has already determined who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. Your fate has been predetermined.

Prayers are worthless in every conceivable way.

You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!
Psalm 139:16

If God has a plan, then everyone who died in the alleged Holocaust died for a reason. They had to die, and each death had meaning. Therefore, alleged Holocaust victims could pray all day, and they would still die. The idea of a "plan" makes the idea of a "prayer-answering relationship with God" a contradiction, doesn't it?

Hitler is blameless. Hitler was not "evil," because Hitler had no free will at all. Hitler was simply an actor forced to play his role in God's plan. God planned for millions of people to die in the alleged Holocaust -- he planned their deaths in exact detail

If prayers were really answered, why do children die of cancer? Were the parents praying for the child's death?

Prayer for the purpose of making a request from a supreme being is an affront to the supplicant's dignity. If God hasn't made up his mind about your fate and is waiting for you to grovel first, then he is not a very noble deity

For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.
Psalm 91:1-3,6-7 (NLT)

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