We all know how tight-fisted jews are with money, but how do you advertise your Judaism for free and make yourself as a victim, for free. Even get yourself above the fold in the morning paper.

At Temple Beth Sholom, all you need is to paint a small swastika on an old sign somewhere along a winding drive. Make it almost invisible. Then have the local rabbi magically discover it and claims to be absolutely horrified about this symbol of hate.

It seems reasonable to believe that Temple Beth Am on Pleasant Street will be the next free advertising platform.

Perhaps some tombstone with a Star of David on it will be knocked over, or that symbol of hate is spray painted on it. You can't disturb the dead, because there is a belief that when Jesus dies, the dead will come out of their tombs and mingle with the living.

In general, it takes very little effort to do jewish advertising.

It's cheap, it's quick and it can easily be done in the cover of darkness in a relatively secluded part of the temple grounds. This then allows the nearest rabbi to claim that famous jewish victimhood . Oh! Woe is us!

It's a pile of bullshit!

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