Any religion constitutes advanced stupidity in the form of willful ignorance and unjustifiable intransigence.

If after watching/reading The Pale Blue Dot, and one Hubble Deep Field View video,
you still feel that you have a privileged position in the universe
(you have a relationship with the creator of the universe)
then you have willingly become a moron.

As an added bonus, watch this video about The Exodus and if you still feel that your god exists,
then you have once again willingly become a moron.

I am stupefied by the extraordinary dullness of these evolution deniers.

They are lazy uncurious, bigoted, slovenly half-trained learning-resistant people who are only ten hairs away from being baboons that create a large amorphous blob of institutional autism called religion in our society.

A man who refuses to think has no advantage over a man who cannot think.

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

There are people who believe that men and dinosaurs roamed the earth together. These people watch the Flintstones as a documentary.

So let me get this right.
  • You use a computer and the internet extensively
  • You watch TV
  • You use a smartphone extensively
  • You take medicine when you are sick
  • You go to hospitals when you're really sick
  • You vaccinate yourself against disease.
  • You take science/technology clases in school.
  • You fly on airplanes
  • You drive cars on modern highways and roads.
  • You utilize trains.
  • You most likely utilize GPS (time dilation) in your car.
  • You live in a modern home with smoke alarms and security systems
  • You have heating/air conditioning in your house.
  • You buy all your food in large food stores
  • You watch movies in theatres.
  • You use electricity
  • You use clean tap water
  • You cook on a stove or oven or microwave.
  • You use a refridgerator and freezer,
  • You wear clothes that are massed produced.
  • You use a toilet and toilet paper
  • You utilize a complex sewer system.
  • You go to churches with modern sound systems
  • We can blow shit up with thermonuclear bombs.
  • You've watched endless clips on the exploration of our solar system.
  • You know we have landed on the moon several times.
  • You live a life surrounded by science and technology and you are totally dependent on science and technology.

But you think scientists are lying about evolution?

Evolution is a fact, and it is among the more secure facts known to science. All that we have seen and tested in 150 years has confirmed the concept of evolution. The following branches of science all confirm evolution:

  • anthropology,
  • archeology,
  • astronomy,
  • astrobiology
  • biochemistry,
  • biology,
  • cosmology,
  • embryology ,
  • DNA,
  • entomology,
  • genetics ,
  • geology,
  • microbiology,
  • molecular anthropology,
  • molecular biology ,
  • molecular engineering,
  • paleontology,
  • plate tectonics,

More than anything else, modern genetics and DNA confirms all aspects of evolution.

Religion cannot accept Evolution simply because it blows Genesis out of the water and destroys their imaginary world to bits and pieces. This constitutes a complete failure to deal with reality.

You're being a willfully ignorant moron.

A man who refuses to think has no advantage over a man who cannot think.

You then have your really esoteric beliefs.

The best one is the talking snake that speaks our language.

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