Where is the evidence of slavery in Egyptian history?

Where are historical records in Egypt concerning the escape of 600,000+ slaves and their families?

Where is the evidence of the exodus out?

The book of Numbers shows 600,000 men and their families wandering out in the desert of the Sinai peninsula for forty years, hauling around their water,, wood, food and animals. Yet, they left no artifacts like graves, broken pottery, carcasses of dead animals, etc.

Sending hundreds of thousands or even millions of people of all ages plus accompanying animals down steep cliffs and corral dropoffs that typify the Gulf of Aqaba, and up the other side is clearly unfeasible.

One question that arises is how approximately two million people along with their flocks and herds could ever have been sustained in a barren waterless wasteland.

One tries to imagine two million people walking for forty years in circles, perhaps 10 abreast (along with their herd) with a 20 foot space between the lines.

600,000 men, 2,000,000 people in all
2,000,000 / 10 (abreast) = 200,000 rows
200,000 rows * 20 (foot space) = 4,000,000 feet
4,000,000 / 5,280 (feet/mile) = 757.5 miles

Someone calculated long ago that if that number of people were marching, say, eight across, then when the first ones arrived at Sinai, half of the people would still be in Egypt!

Using Google Maps, I measured the Sinai peninsula to be roughly about 150 by 250 miles.

The total area of the Sinai peninsula is 23,166 square miles.

Just try to imagine the issue of defacation.

Supposedly, Moses received the Oral Torah on Mt. Sinai way back in 1312 BCE (according to believers). Imagine Moses remembering the details some thirty years later, when he could finally find a scribe to dictate to. I cannot imagine Moses being able to make parchment. All that was available was perhaps clay tablets.

Religious fanatics tell us that without God, one has no moral compass that is encompassed in Mosaic law and the Ten Commandments.

Of course, Mosaic law and the Ten Commandments were unknown before the Mt. Sinai encounter between Moses and God. By religious logic, these two million people had no morals.

The Torah makes for a large number of clay tablets. I have to presume that upon arrival in the promised land, there were a few carts containing the tablets.

Did you ever notice that all the great prophets couldn't read or write. Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Joseph Smith. God is very choosy with his prophets.

After 200 years of digging around the Sinai, no trace of a large migration have been found.

If the jews are slaves for untold years in Egypt, parts of their language and culture would be found within Egyptian language and culture. Historians have found no trace of Hebrew culture within Egyptian culture.

We can safely conclude that the story of Moses is just that, a nice fictional story. The implications are the Torah was all made up from start to finish.

Believing in the Exodus implies you believe that

  1. God makes clay tablets
  2. God likes killing all first born Egyptian males
  3. Bushes burn but do not consume themselves
  4. Bushes talk
  5. Moses sees God's ass
  6. seas can part, and
  7. pieces of wood can turn into snakes

The obvious implications of the Exodus not happening is that the Ten Commandments story on Mt. Sinai never occured.

Two million people, 603,550 males and their families, as the Torah describes - should have left some remnants that we would find. But few of us ever thought that this number was historical anyway.

The route of the exodus

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