1. A jew is an individual who chooses to practice the religion of Judaism.

  2. If you do not choose to practice the religion of Judaism, you are not a jew.

  3. Practicing Judaism implies that you believe in immutability of the Torah and you practice the teachings of the Talmud.

  4. The Torah should not be considered trailmix. You cannot pick and choose what you wish to believe in and adhere to.

  5. The Torah tells them that they are the chosen people of God ( Deuteronomy 14:2 ). The jews are the Chosenites.

  6. One does not become a jew to degrade one's self, but to upgrade one's self. To believe one is better than the rest. To exercise an aura of superiority over others.

  7. The Torah (The Old Testament) includes the story of Genesis.

  8. A jew is a creationist.

  9. Believing in Genesis states unequivocally that you do not believe in evolution. You deny evolution.

  10. Evolution is one of the most secure facts in science, having been verified in the multiple fields of chemistry, bio-chemstry, biology, micro-biology, cellular-biology, genetics, embryology, paleontology, plate tectonics, etc. There is more evidence to support evolution than any other scientific fact known to man.

    If you have evidence to disprove evolution, then write it down, get it peer-reviewed and collect your Nobel prize.

  11. Evolution deniers are pathetic technical and scientific idiots. They are complete morons. Do they also deny that the earth rotates around the sun, the earth has four corners and that gravity exists?

  12. If you are jewish but you claim to be an atheist and you accept evolution as a scientific fact, then you are neither an atheist or a jew, but there is sufficient evidence that you are a very confused moron.

  13. A jew is someone who makes an extraordinary claim that a mean, vicious, malevolent god exists that created the heavens and the earth, but has failed to provide any extraordinary evidence to substantiate that claim. In fact, not a shred of evidence has been presented in 3,000 years.

    A jew is scientifically illiterate and an extraordinary idiot.

  14. A jew is someone who wishes to kill atheists (Deuteronomy 13:6-11).

  15. A jew is a dumbass who brutally circumcises his male children to satisfiy their alleged covenant with the evil sky fairy,

  16. A jew is a member of a remarkably stupid group of people that create the state of Israel in the middle of 420 million arabs who practice a Islam, a religion that is hostile to Judaism, as is any religion that is not Judaism.

    The jews stupidly believe that what is now Israel contains the the holiest ground of their big sky creature, Yahweh that created the heavens and the earth.

  17. A jew is just another person whose DNA cannot be distinguished from any other person's DNA. They are just like everybody else, but just more stupid. The trait of stupidity cannot yet be identified within our DNA.

  18. Any person who refers to themselves as jewish is by default a white supremacist jew . That's right, they don't like them black niggers. Get 100 jews together in a room and you can count the black ones with your thumbs. The black ones are not just black, they are truly niggers.

Israel is a ever expanding colonial religious state in the sense thats its borders are never well defined and Israel uses God as their real estate agent. The Israeli flag has the Star of David as its symbol. We must not forget that their biblical hero, Kind David collected to 200 foreskins to show he was on God's side.

The Star of David is recognized as a strictly religious symbol, much like Saudi Arabia's flag has the Shahada.

Jews have to be some of the most dumbass motherfuckers around and should. be fitted for a toe-tag as quickly as possible. What kind of morons would set up a home surrounded by 420 million arabs who have a religion that seeks the destruction of Israel?

You would think that these jewish morons would be buying up real estate in Madagascar and moving over there. Madagascar is kind of french friendly and the french helped developed the Israeli nuclear capability.

But these jewish morons keep telling us that the grounds of Jerusalem are the holy grounds....certainly more holy than the grounds a thousand miles away. This comes from idiots who believe that their god (Yahweh) created the heavens and the earth, but Jerusalem is more holy than Madagascar.

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