The Egyptians had elevated their leaders to God status over time as might be indicated by their pyramids. Over time, this led to the concept of monotheism, the notion that one God was responsible for everything and ignoring any subordinates.

Please take note that the bible does not make any reference to any pyramid or any sphinx

The Jews adopted this concept of monotheistic religion when they invented Yahweh, their mean, malevolent, vicious, angry, savage, warmongering genocidal god and documented him in the Torah, the first five books in the christian bible

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy

Then they told everyone that the Torah was of Divine Origin. They had discovered earlier that you can always find lots of morons who believe anything they are told.

Yahweh has other names, such as Elohim, Jehovah, God, etc....but perhaps not Allah.

I would like to thank our local Framingham rabbi, Yakov Lazaros for inspiring me to set up this web site with this absolutely ludricous article in the Framingham Tab in March of 2010 .

His article completely destroyed the last shreds of respect that I might have had for my seniors...and looking at his picture, this guy looks senior enough to be one of Noah's grandsons. I also wonder if this man has ever sucked any baby penises (Yum! Yum!) in their barbaric ritual of circumcision.

The word anti-semitism is a rather vague word when it really means anti-jewish. To be prosemitic means to be pro-jewish which means pro-god (their god).

Anti-semitism is another manisfestation of religious differences. As soon as someone states that he or she is a jew, they differentiate themselves from someone who is not a jew. They set themselves apart from the herd of humanity. If you are not a jew, they refer to you as a gentile. Who are these people to label me, not by what I am, but by who they are? I will agree that being called a gentile seems kinder than what the Muslims call me (and jews and christians), the firewood of hell. By differentiating themselves as jews, they created a totally artifical mental barrier against all people who are not like them.

I accept the classification of being called a gentile or goyim in the very same way that blacks accept being called a nigger or a porch monkey and homosexuals accept being called faggots.

Goy/Goyim: Used by Jews to describe White gentiles or non-Jews in general. The term "goyim" means "human cattle." Possible old Hebrew derivation from the word for nation (ie. nations other than we.)

They have rules that do not permit them to marry outside their own artificial class. This is the epitomy of racial (white on white) discrimination. It is not I that has differentiated myself from them. It is they that have differentiated themselves from me.

The jews are and always will be a small religion because they do not proselytize (since 90 AD) and require male members to be circumcised (Ouch!), apparently through a covenant (Genesis 17:10-14) with their imaginary sky fairy, Yahweh!. Circumcision becomes a marker. Yahweh examines their penises, kind of like the TSA might.

They will always be subjected to bullying from larger religions like Christianity and Muslims. Soon even the Mormons will overtake them in size.


  • requiring that a jew marry a jew,
  • not allowing proselytizing, and
  • requiring male circumcision
, they have so limited themselves genetically that they are inbreeding with each other and generating Jewish only genetic disorders such as
  • Bloom's Syndrone (prominent nose)
  • Tay-Sachs disease (mental retardation)
  • Gaucher disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • and others....

The jews have always protrayed themselves as victims, starting with their alleged slavery in Egypt and the Holocaust. There is no historical evidence that such slavery existed and the Holocaust is becoming a hoax as we begin to examine it more closely.

The jews consider themselves superior because they truly believe that they are the chosen people (Deuteronomy 14:2 ) of their mean, vicious, malevolent, angry, savage, warmongering, genocidal maniacal imaginary sky fairy friend, Yahweh.

To an atheist, this is just stupid and absurd.

No scientific, historical or archeological evidence exists of creationism, the Exodus, the tower of Babel, Noah's flood, other words, the jews have been defrauding the human race longer than anyone else. Their god is no different than any Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Anastasi, Egyptian, Roman or Greek god before them.

Jews are also like Muslims:

  • they are always right, particularly when they are wrong,
  • it's hard to find a moderate one,
  • they have a mean, vicious, malevolent, angry, savage, warmongering genocidal maniac as their imaginary sky-fairy friend.

The jews most recent innovative creation is the Holocaust Religion.

I'll buy into their version of the Holocaust story just as soon as they show me evidence of Yahweh! You can never trust con men. While the jews are very sensitive about Holocaust denial , all jews, by default are stupid Evolution deniers.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

The Jewish calendar has 36 holidays

As of 2010 AD, creation date was 5771 years ago. Creation date: 3761 BC Jews are stone cold fucking nuts.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he uses the Jewish calendar which is based on the date of Creation, and Benjamin Netanyahu has an arsenal of nuclear weapons at his disposal.

In an age of nuclear weapons, the dangers of a God belief far outweigh its usefulness.

More recently, I've heard of jews who are atheists. I leave these matters to seasoned psychiatric personnel. All this time, I always thought a jew was someone who practiced Judaism. Soon, we'll have god fearing atheists.

The one positive thing that I can say about their imaginary sky fairy Yahweh is that he only has one head, unlike the Christian sky fairy who apparently has three heads.

Israel has approximately 100,000 Torah scholars who are funded by state welfare. These Torah scholars are non-productive individuals. The ultra-Orthodox in Israhell maintain that Torah study is a return on the state's investment, as they perpetuate the raison d'etre of the state - namely to be the homeland of the Jews. History is incoveniently and unapolagetic clear - Jews who do not practice the Torah ultimately disappear as Jews. Without the Orthodox, in a few generations, Israel would not be recognizable as a Jewish state.

Framingham's police chief Steven Carl stated that he was a jewish citizen. Where is Jewi on the map? I thought he lived in Hopkington, MA which was part of the United States. A moron in our midst.

Why is it that Jews who call for separation of sexes are called Orthodox while a Muslim calling for the same thing would be called an extremist?

Behind Communism, by Frank L. Britton

We cannot undertake even this brief history of the modern Jew without taking note of a phenomenon which his confounded Gentile societies for twenty centuries. This is the ability of the Jewish people to collectively retain their identity despite centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. To any student of Judaism, or to the Jews themselves, this phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that Judaism is neither mainly a religion, nor mainly a racial matter, nor yet is it simply a matter of nationality. Rather it is all three, it is a kind of trinity. Judaism is best described as a nationality built on the twin pillars of race and religion. All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely the persecution myth. Since first appearing in history, we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism: without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding.

It is a fact that the Jewish people have suffered numerous hardships in the course of their history, but this is true of other peoples too. The chief difference is that the Jews have kept score. We Must repeat - they have kept score - they have made a tradition of persecution. A casual slaughter of thousands of Christians is remembered by no one in 50 years, but a disability visited upon a few Jews is preserved forever in Jewish histories. And they tell their woes not only to themselves, but to a sympathetic world as well.

Any state like Israel that actually has a Religious Services Ministry as an agency of their government is a religious state. All Israelis are required to fund religious institutions and religious services.

Jews have to be some of the most dumbass motherfuckers around. What kind of morons would set up a home surrounded by 420 million arabs who have a religion that seeks the destruction of Israel?

You would think that these jewish morons would be buying up real estate in Madagascar and moving over there. Madagascar is kind of french friendly and the french helped developed the Israeli nuclear capability.

But these jewish morons keep telling us that the grounds of Jerusalem are the holy grounds....certainly more holy than the grounds a thousand miles away. This comes from idiots who believe that their god Yahweh created the heavens and the earth, but Jerusalem is more holy than Madagascar.

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