In AD 325 in Nicea, Italy, some 300 christian leaders met at the request of Emporor Constantine (whose mother was a christian). The concept of the Holy Trinity came out of the Nicene Creed, Future meetings like the Nicea meeting, called synods, established the birth (Christmas), and death (Easter) of Jesus

The Nicene Creed is a classic example of the notion that the intelligence of any committee is inversely proportional to the number of members. Anyone who can worship a trinity and insist that his religion is a monotheistic one can believe anything... just give him time to rationalize it.

The Holy Trinity is a hybrid god. One god with three heads, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. This hybrid may have been concocted to attract the pagans who usually practiced polytheism.

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is an attempt to compromise between polytheism and monotheism through the use of applied gibberish. It's not supposed to make sense, and this is by design. The Catholic term for things designed to make no sense is "divine mystery".

The fundamental reasoning behind the Trinity is because according to Holy Scriptures,

The Immaculate Conception followed by The Annunciation is proof that God (the unholy spirit) would commit premeditated rape on a girl in her early teens without consent of any form.

In impregnating 14 year old Mary with out consent, God's behavior was an unethical abuse of power at best and grossly predatory at worst.

The Old Testament certainly did not mention a three headed God, but the christians regarded Jesus to be their Messiah and he was crucified and went to Heaven. If Jesus is part of God, who was running his matters in Heaven when he was on earth as a carpenter.

My personal view on this farce is that before the unholy trinity, there existed an unholy duality, the Father and the Holy Ghost. The Father dispatched the Holy Ghost to descend to Earth and rape the virgin Mary (don't worry, she never felt anything). Once born, Jesus becomes the third head in the Holy Trinity.

This is based on the laws of physics that any object cannot be in two places simultaneously.

I know many of you think this is a stretch, but what's your story.

Jesus was the illegitimate son of the Holy Ghost
Remind yourself that it was not God that inseminated Mary, it was the Holy Spirit (Ghost) that gently placed his semen into Mary's virgin vagina (pussy), probably using one of them holy turkey baster.

The conception of Jesus to the virgin Mary is proof that sexual abstention is not 100% effective.

The concept of The Immaculate Conception became official catholic dogma in 1854 and means that the alleged virgin Mary herself was born without the stain of original sin. If she was born without sin, then her subsequent rape by the Holy Ghost had been planned for well over 14 years and was clearly premeditated.

Did Jesus ever have sex or did he die a virgin?

Catholics believe in the Holy Trinity and they are referred to as Trinitarians. Otherwise, you are a Unitarian (of sorts).

Almost any priest admits that the trinity are three separate entities that are also a single being. It's an intentional contradiction of logic that is supposed to be accepted on faith as there is no rationalization for it. Mystery of the Holy Trinity

Do we have one God in three parts, or three Gods in one. The Catholic Encyclopedia clears up the matter for us, in a masterpiece of theological close reasoning.

In the unity of the Godhead, there are three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, these Three persons being truly distinct one from another. Thus, in the words of the Athanasian Creed: 'the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three Gods but one God.'

Note that this confirms that if Jesus is God, than God (actually his side kick, the Unholy Spirit) clearly raped his own mother to give birth to himself.

Denying the Holy Spirit

I deny the holy spirit! Yes I do!
I deny the holy spirit in the morning, during lunch and in the evening.
At night, I am very active denying the holy spirit.
When I'm not denying the holy spirit, I'm not really doing anything.
Every walk, every drive, every traffic light, every bus stop, gives me the opportunity to deny the holy spirit.
While you may be cleaning your nails, looking at Facebook, talking to a friend or gazing inside a store, I am actively and energetically denying the holy spirit.
I joyously deny the holy spirit every day and in every way. Upwards, downward, backwards, forwards, sideways, inside out, back to front and upside down in perpetuity, or forever, whichever last longer.
With every breath I take, every word I utter, my every action to the minutest detail, is calculated specifically to deny the holy spirit, that spiteful, vindictive and truly unholy spirit of the mythical psychopath in the sky.

Here's what gets me about the claim that Jesus was both fully God and fully human:

  • If Jesus was fully God, then He did not have a sinful nature, and could not have committed sins.
  • If Jesus was fully human, then He had a sinful nature, and must have committed sins.

So did Jesus commit sins, or not?

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