Just before the Noah's Ark story, God was busy fucking women in heaven and producing sons (no mention of daughters) who would subsequently fuck Earth women to produce the Nephilims (Genesis 6:1-4).

Later in the bible, in Numbers 31:15-41 god was busy harvesting young virgins

In the year 3759 in the Jewish calendar,
God, the pedophile and itinerant sperm donor was trolling around looking for a likely virginal victim in order to give birth to himself.
He just wanted a female sex doll that no one else had touched.
He wanted her fresh out of the bag with that new child smell.
Then he found Mary

The Immaculate Conception followed by The Annunciation is proof that God (the unholy spirit) would commit premeditated rape on a girl in her early teens without consent of any form.

In impregnating 14 year old Mary with out consent, God's behavior was an unethical abuse of power at best and grossly predatory at worst.

But to be honest, if you get to drown all but eight people on the planet why wouldn't you be allowed to rape somebody from time to time? Who's going to stop you?

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