The Holocaust history is a history based for the most part on testimonies, assembled according to the mood of the moment, truncated to fit an arbitrary truth, and sprinkled with a few German documents of uneven value and without any connection with one another.

There is not a scrap of paper work evidence to back up proof of the gigantic operation to knock off 6 million of God's finest with bug spray.

The Jews have fabricated an alleged monstrous event to manipulate history, further their own agenda, advance their own worldview, and create sympathy in their efforts to achieve world domination.

Strangely enough, the Torah, or Old Testament attempts to do exactly the same. The jews love to portray themselves as victims, even in the mythical story of the Exodus.

The six million dead jews in the holocaust has been repeated so often that it is now taken as an article of faith. Thus, the holocaust becomes a religion.

The notion that the holocaust is a fraud derives from the accumulated knowledge of these videos .

These videos when combined are 4.5 hours of careful documentation showing that the Holocaust in general violates the laws of physics and reinforces the notion that the story tellers are outright liars.

If it's not prohibited, it's not worth reading!

So long as superstition exists that men should obey unjust laws, so long will their slavery exist.

The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers [FAKE Israel], with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a 'victim' state, and the most successful ethnic group [Jews' Race] in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious [appearing to be true but actually false] victimhood - in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified.
Norman G. Finkelstein [a Jew] of the City University of New York The Holocaust Industry (2000) published by Verso, p. 3 "The Holocaust is a successful historical FICTION" - Chief Rabbi Arye Friedman [a Jew] Vienna, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Dec. 12, 2006, p. 7

United State Holocaust Museum Voices Of The Holocaust Yitzhak_Arad, Historian
Holocaust Denial Videos Historical Revisionism Auschwitz, The Surprising Hidden Truth
Death Reader's Digest Remember Us A Year in Treblinka
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USC Shoah Foundation Institute One Third of the Holocaust The Barnes Review
Martin Niemoller Holocaust and Hate Speech The Avalon Project (Nuremberg IMT)
The 6 Million Myth    

These notes are not yet complete but sufficient to make me believe that
a massive fraud has been committed here.  Not unlike the Torah or Old

Truth is the first casualty of war.
History has not and never will be recorded objectively, as every historian
writes according to his own subjective view and in his own book will try
to prove his thesis.  The mass murder of six million jews however is a myth,

During the Nuremberg trials (218 days, 1000 hours), 
Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec were only discussed for 20 minutes.

The most authoritative book on the alleged holocaust is:

The Destruction Of The European Jews by Raul Hilberg, 3 volumes, 1985
Page 1019

Lawrence Reece

Operation Reinhart Death camps (1/3 of holocaust)
(Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec)

5,100,00 deaths
Auschwitz      1,000,000
Treblinka        750,000
Belzec (Belsec)  550,000
Sobibor          200,000
Kulmhof          150,000
Lublin            50,000

Bergen Belsen

Using mostly deisel engines to generate poisonous gas, 1,300,000 were

1. gassed,
2. buried in large pits
3. then dug up 
4. and cremated.

in that order.

You would think all that burial and digging them out would leave large
mounds of dirt lying around, but no mounds were ever found at these 
extermination camps.  The cremation of a human body generate about 2.5 pounds
of ashes.  Where was the ( (1,300,000 x 2.5) / 2000 = 1,650 tons of ashes
at the camps?  Where are the skulls and teeth?

200,000 were gassed, then cremated (cremation grills)

One Year In Treblinka, Yankel Weirnik

Weirnik stated that the bodies of fat jewish women were used as kindling
for the cremation fires (they burned easier).
There is no mention of wood or oil or gasoline used in starting the
cremation grills, just branches.

The germans stood around with satanic smiles on their faces radiating
satisfaction over their foul deeds.  They drank toasts with choice liquors,
ate, caroused and enjoyed themselves near the warm fire.

The Privy Pit Boss (scheismeister), three minute time limit in the privy pit

Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, The Operation Reinhard Deathcamps, Yitznak Arad
(1987) ISBN 0-253-21305-3

Yitznak Arad is now head of Israel's Holocaust Museum
Brigadeir General in the Israeli Army
Wanted for war crimes by Lithuania 

Treblinka did not have pressurized water.  It only had one well in the middle
of all the alleged burial pits containing over 700,000 decaying bodies.

Abraham Bomba, barber, saving hair of jewish women for matresses
The barber claimed that the gas chambers containing over 150 women,
each weighing about 120 pounds, were cleared within two minutes for
the next gassing.

Abraham Bomba in the movie Shoah was a barber.
According to Bomba, the average gas chamber was 12 feet by 12 feet
120-150 women at a time getting haircuts by 16 barbers, plus three guards
for a total of 169 people in the 12x12 room.  He also claims that it took
a mere 2-4 minutes per gassing and clear out the gas chambers of 150 women
weighing about 120 pounds each.

Samuel Rajzman, only witness at Nuremberg for 1.5 million jews talked about
the matresses for German women.

Sobibor supposedly used a 200 horsepower eight cylinder deisel engine from
a captured Soviet tank that generated a mixture of cardon dioxide and 
carbon monoxide.  No crematoria was built, the bodies burned in pits.

The Avalon Project, Yale Law School, Nuremberg transcripts (42 volumes)
International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg

The Trial of the Major War Criminals

Belzec, Carlo Montano (camp Belsen equals Belzec)
The Soviet prosecutor brought up the notion that Belzec had an electric floor
for mass extermination.  No proof of this was ever found.

There was at least one witness who claimed that children were thrown into
the ovens alive and their screams could be heard, most all historians do
not believe this actually happened.  The Soviet prosecutor Schmirnoff,
just thought that baby killing would help his agenda.

Samuel Rajzman claimed over 2,170,000 jews were killed at Treblinka alone.

One witness claimed that jews suffocated while in cattle cars.  Why is it
that cattle do not suffocate in cattle cars.

Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoiess, camp commander of Auschwitz/Birkenau
confessed to three million dead at Auschwitz during the Nuremberg trial,
but the offical records of the Auschwitz museum showed that 1.1 million
were deported to Auschwitz.  Hoess is in fact poisoning his testimony.
Hoess also talks about a death camp by the name of Wolzek (which does not
exist) and places it in the area of Sobibor.

The construction of Belzec begin on November 1, 1941

The number of victims at Belzec was about the population of San Francisco.

Holocaust museum web site Bomba

Eliyahu Rosenberg survivor of Treblinka

Ben Hecht, Readers Digest, 1943, Remember Us, page 108

The Readers Digest already had the 6 million number in 1943

David S. Wyman Institute
The Altalena, ship with arms

There was a story of killing the mentally insane using explosions in a 
small room.  No mention of the resulting cleanup.

According to the story, a total of 12,000 people were gassed at Treblinka,
per day or 1,200,000 pounds of flesh had to be moved into burial pits.

The prisoners dragged the bodies to the pits by their feet (Arrad)
They also used stretchers, two men to carry one stretcher with one body.
One hundred men were used in this, the largest operation in the camp.
Each body was dragged or carried some 200-400 meters.

Each layer of bodies in the burial pits were covered with some chlorine
and a layer of sand.

The failure of the engines for the gas chambers is brought up.
Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec all had open pit cremation grills.
There is no mention of 
      the amount of wood used,
      the notion that rain or snow would put out the fires.
      the notion that wind would deflect most of the heat away
          from the bodies

In Sobibor, the claim is that most of the new arrivals were sent to the
gas chambers immediately.  If it rained for 3-5 days, the cremation grills
would not work so the bodies would stack up all over the camp.

The story tellers did not understand the space required by the 700,000

Alexander Pechensky, commander of the uprising of Sobibor.

Escape From Sobibor (movie)
Final Cut On The Final Solution  - Stuart Klawans

Survivors of the Shoah

Auschwitz, the Comedy

Rudolf Reeder, lone escapee from Belzec

Dissecting the Holocaust
The Holocaust Kingdom, book
One Year at Treblinka
The Death Camp Treblinka

Germar Rudolf

How do you get rid of millions of teeth?

How about doing core samples at any of these camps thru independent labs
to show that there were indeed mass graves.

Why would the germans tattoo jews in death camps if the goal was to kill them?

Adolf Avraham Berman

Shoah Foundation Institute, USC

The End Of Treblinka

The Death Camp Treblinka


  • How long was Auschwitz in operation?
  • How did Auschwitz grow over time?
  • One corpse requires 31.5 kilograms of coal
  • 2.083 people per day requires 65 metric tons (72.2 tons)
  • One kilogram = 2.2 pounds
  • Each body requires 2.5 hours to cremate
  • Each body produces two kilograms of ashes
  • Auschwitz had 15 burning chanbers
  • BTU raing of wood per pound is about 2500 - 4000
  • BTU rating of charcoal per pound is about 10000
  • BTU rating of coal per pound is about 13000
  • Coal is fives times more dense than charcoal
  • How many gas chambers did Auschwitz have?
  • What was the capacity of each gas chamber?
  • What was the gas chamber recycle time?
  • How were so many bodies moved?
  • How was the gas cleared from the gas chambers on each cycle?

The Auschwitz story is very much like the story of Noah's Ark.
It's a nice story but short on details.

The devil is in the details.

Chris Natias, February 16, 2013 - 4:24 pm

Once you conclude the Holocaust is a huge fraud -- and any serious thinker will -- two logical next questions come to mind.

  1. What kind of sick ideology compels Jews to perpetuate this massive scam?
  2. How could any single group exercise this kind of all-encompassing control over the intellectual and cultural life of the entire Western world?

Contemplating the answers to these two questions is even more disturbing than the fraud itself.

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