Man had observed for thousands of years that everyone dies and their body will rot away or be eaten if not buried. This observation did not sit well when the idea that we might have an afterlife came into being.

The goat herders that introduced the world to monotheistic religion with Yahweh also determined with their great mystical powers that our life force is actually a soul that controls our body.

The concept of a soul clearly seems to imply everlasting life and that we are more then a quivering, living, breathing, dreaming, thinking, speaking, fornicating, urinating, defacating, decaying biodegradable multicellular meat popscicle .

Christianity and Islam are focused on the salvation of our souls that supposedly are everlasting.

Christianity and Islam are both essentially extortion rackets:

Nice soul you've got there... Pity if something bad were to happen to it."

  • Where are these souls made?

  • What are souls made from? Spiritons?

  • Is there some soul factory somewhere in the Manufacturing section of heaven?

  • Who makes the souls? Angels?

  • Do they make baby souls?

  • Do baby souls grow up to be big and strong adult souls?

  • How many souls are made each year?

  • Given that they are everlasting, who is responsible for quality control?

  • What if the quality control fails? Who suffers the consequences?
    Let's define the chain of command.

  • Where in the manufacturing process does the soul get stamped with the stain of original sin?

  • Are souls made prior to the birth of its holder?

  • Is there a large room in West heaven off the main corridor that has racks and racks of unused souls waiting to be used?

    The Law of Supply and Demand states that the value of a soul diminishes if the supply far exceeds the demand.

  • Are atheists provided with a soul?

  • Do souls eat, shit, piss and sleep?

  • Do souls have nerves to feel with? If not, how can they feel eternal suffering in Hell. In essence, do they have pain receptors?

  • When is the soul melded into a body? At conception or birth?
    Birth would be better since many of those conceived are never born. You know about abortion or miscarriages.

    I'm sure God would be upset if souls were wasted away. God needs company.

  • Can their insertion in human bodies be detected around maternity wards or birthing centers?

  • In quantum physics, the Standard Model currently has some 61 sub-stomic particles, some of which have gravity. Does the soul have any such particles?

  • Do souls emit any small traces of radioactivity or measurable waves of any kind?

  • Do souls have any gravitational force at all?

  • Do souls differentiate themselves by gender?

  • Are there any transgender souls?

  • Are souls differentiated as extensively as DNA differentiates humans?

  • Can male souls jerk off?

  • Do souls have free will?

  • Can one soul rape another soul? Anal sex?

  • Can an adult soul anal rape a kiddie soul?

  • Can souls commit sin in Heaven and be subsequently sent to Hell?

  • If the sin is committed in Hell, is your stay extended beyond eternity?

  • Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarassment. They farm fungu, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies
    into war,use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labor, exchange information ceaselessly.
    They do everything but watch television.

    Do ants have souls?

  • How much intelligence is required to get a soul?

    What other animals might have souls?

  • Are there liberal vs conservative souls?

  • Do liberal souls feel entitled to a better location in hell?

  • Can enough souls overpower Satan and commit insurrection in hell?

  • Can souls be made from animal by-products?

Inquiring minds really want to know.

We are told that everybody is born with what is called Original Sin or Ancestral Sin except for the virgin Mary who had what is called an Immaculate Conception and Jesus (since Mary had not original sin)..

There are numerous references to the stain of original sin. Is the stain noticeable and visible? Don't we have some modern detergent that can remove such stains?

If our current population of seven billion humans constitute only five percent of all those who have been born, then it stands to reason that there exists about 140 billion souls in heaven or hell.

The idea of an incorporeal soul is incoherent and contradicted by the best available evidence.

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