A refusal to accept the Adam and Eve and the Talking Snake story is to obliviate original sin and the need for Jesus Christ. This obliviates Christianity.

In the Christian bible, Genesis 2:9,16-17 describes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Assumedly, Adam and Eve did not previously possess knowledge of good and evil, so how were they to know it was wrong to disobey God when he told them to not eat from said tree?

If the story of Adam and Eve teaches us anything, it is that religion and knowledge are not just incompatible; they are mortal enemies.

Any preacher worth his weight in marijuana buds will tell you that
the more you know, the further away you get from God.
The corollary of course, is
the less you know, the closer you get to God.

The first and worst sin committed by man against god is recorded in the Book of Genesis. That sin was not disobedience. It was to gain knowledge by eating the forbidden fruit from a tree that imparted knowledge. Yahweh's response to Adam and Eve's act of rebellion is one of revenge. He expels them from the garden of Eden and punishes them with a lifetime of mental and physical suffering. All for the crime of wanting to know.

As the story of Adam and Eve shows, knowledge is like kryptonite to religion. The more falsifiable claims a religion makes, the more dangerous knowledge becomes. For religion - any religion - the most dangerous places in the world are public libraries, especially because all they want is blind obedience.

This explains these fits of book burning. The destruction of knowledge.

If we assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects in a cruel experiment wherein we are created sick and commanded to be well. And over us, to supervise this, is installed a celestial dictatorship, a kind of divine North Korea: greedy for uncritical praise from dawn till dusk and swift to punish the original sin with which it so tenderly gifted us in the very first place.

Genesis 3: The Fall

Original sin was Eve eating the fruit from the tree that God told her not to eat.

The wily serpent tricked her into disobeying God. Once she ate the fruit, she felt shame.
This is what happens when you eat fruit.

The snake's ability to talk (in a language understood by Adam and Eve yet) is quite astonishing considering that snakes do not have vocal chords or the ability to propel air thru their non-existent vocal chords. The notion that a limbless reptile with a much smaller cranial capacity than a human, outsmarted two naked people created by an almighty, omniscient god is astonishing!

The serpent took away God's personal peep show of two naked humans fornicating. God had just created pornography, and the wily serpent then took away God's voyeurism.

An angel with a flaming sword made sure they could not return to the Garden of Eden.

I'm not sure why the angel really needed a flaming sword but this is a fairy tale..

The whole purpose of Jesus in this story is to forgive any and all sins, including Original Sin.

Somewhere in your intricate DNA lies Original Sin.

The made up story of the Immaculate Conception then becomes necessary in the birth of Mary, the mother of God.

The mother of the Jesus god had to be squeaky clean and simply could not have Original Sin in her.

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