Genesis 3: The Fall

Original sin was Eve eating the fruit from the tree that God told her not to eat.

The wily serpent tricked her into disobeying God. Once she ate the fruit, she felt shame.
This is what happens when you eat fruit.

The serpent took away God's personal peep show of two naked humans fornicating. God had just created pornography, and the wily serpent then took away God's voyeurism.

The snake's ability to talk (in a language understood by Adam and Eve yet) is quite astonishing considering that snakes do not have vocal chords or the ability to propel air thru their non-existent vocal chords. The notion that a limbless reptile with a much smaller cranial capacity than a human, outsmarted two naked people created by an almighty, omniscient god is astonishing!

An angel with a flaming sword made sure they could not return to the Garden of Eden.

I'm not sure why the angel really needed a flaming sword but this is a fairy tale..

The whole purpose of Jesus in this story is to forgive any and all sins, including Original Sin.

Somewhere in your intricate DNA lies Original Sin.

The made up story of the Immaculate Conception then becomes necessary in the birth of Mary, the mother of God.

The mother of the Jesus god had to be squeaky clean and simply could not have Original Sin in her.

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