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Always be suspicious of people who have a letter as their first name.

I consider him to be a fraudulent fanatical fat freak in frocks.

Rev. Dr. (of Divinity) J. Anthony Lloyd serves as the pastor of the Greater Framingham Community Church , ministering [lying like hell to them] to a congregation drawn from the Metro West area of Massachusetts. This holistic ministry seeks to bring the gospel of Christ to individuals to impact their communities for Christ. It is a ministry of empowerment and celebration.

J. Anthony Lloyd was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 22, 1955, to the late James Lloyd and Mrs. Ruth E. Lloyd. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord at an early age. While very young, he became affiliated with the German town Avenue Corps of Salvation Army. That is where J. Anthony's seed for service and ministry was planted and cultivated. While still very young, he became a leader in youth ministries, Sunday School, and Junior Church. He later ministered in street evangelism, children camp, and social work.

On a side note the Greater Framingham Community Church has a lot (and I mean a lot) of idiots on it's staff .

He is definitely a major contributor to idiocy and ignorance in our community.

He should be accused of setting up an organization with the aim of committing crime, committing fraud through abuse of religious belief and sentiment

White people justified slavery and segregation through Christianity so a black Christian is like an unlearned black person with no fucking memory.

Just imagine this cretin telling anyone what happens to you after you die as though he has any experience in these matters.

A black Christian priest is a cheap, lying, no good, rotten, floor flushing, low life, snake licking, dirt eating, inbred, over-stuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fatass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spineless, worm-headed sack of monkey shit!

This pastor should be stripped naked, hung upside down and used as a clapper in his church bells. Regretably, because he is so fat and is best described as a tub of lard, the bells would only give out an inaudible clunking sound.

Here is the tragedy of theology in its distilled essence:

The employment of high-powered human intellect, of genius, of profoundly rigorous logical deduction - studying nothing. In the Middle Ages, the great minds capable of transforming the world did not study the world; and so, for most of a millennium, as human beings screamed in agony - decaying from starvation, eaten by leprosy and plague, dying in droves in their twenties - the men of the mind, who could have provided their earthly salvation, abandoned them for otherworldly fantasies."

Churches and religious organizations are the ONLY tax exempt 501(c) organizations that are NOT required to submit an annual Form 990 to the IRS. This form details how much money was received, what it was spent on, and upon receipt by the IRS, is made readily available to the public upon request.

While a Senior at Central High in Philadelphia, J. Anthony Lloyd was led by God to commit himself to the Gospel ministry. In this act he would be following in the tradition of his grandfather, the late Reverend Dr. Maryland Taft Fleming, a renowned Baptist preacher [never heard of him] from Richmond, Virginia.

J. Anthony Lloyd graduated from Houghton College in Houghton, New York, with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in ministry . In 1982, he received a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary of Hamilton, Massachusetts. At Gordon-Conwell, he was a recipient of the Benjamin E. Mays Fellowship for ministry, and Dr. Martin Luther King Award for outstanding leadership. In 1996 he received his Doctor of Ministry degree in the area of Preaching for Social Change from United Theological Seminary, Dayton , Ohio.

Dr. (of Divinity) Lloyd served as the Assistant and Associate Dean of Students at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts for twenty years.

Rev. Dr. (of Divinity) Lloyd continues to serves as adjunct faculty member at the Center for Urban Ministerial Education, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, MA.

For the seven years prior to coming to GFCC, he served with distinction on the ministerial staff of Twelfth Baptist Church of Boston. He coordinated the Counseling Team, and served in preaching and teaching ministries.

On Palm Sunday, April 12, 1992, Rev. J. Anthony Lloyd commenced a new Kingdom assignment as pastor of the Greater Framingham Community Church, Framingham, Massachusetts.

On Sunday, May 24, 1992, he was endorsed by the United Baptist Convention of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire and ordained by the historic Twelfth Baptist Church of Boston under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Michael E. Haynes..

J. Anthony has traveled (on whose money?) and ministered in the Virgin Islands, Mexico, England, Israel, Canada, Europe, East, West, and South Africa, in addition to the Caribbean.

(Have you as a parishioner giving tything, visited such places?)

An imaginary God is like a slavemaster. Believing in God perpetuates the slavery mentality.

Death is a universal experience no one can relate to, but this idiot will tell you what happens after death.

Churches and religious organizations are the ONLY tax exempt 501(c) organizations that are NOT required to submit an annual Form 990 to the IRS. This form details how much money was received, what it was spent on, and upon receipt by the IRS, is made readily available to the public upon request.

What is a hate group

A hate group is a social group that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, nation, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society. According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a hate group's primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

In psychology its used to describe when someone doesn't know what they are talking about but they still claim to be an expert because they have an illusionary superiority. So many preachers claim to know everything about the world when they don't. "In the field of psychology, the Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias, wherein persons of low ability suffer from illusory superiority when they mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence."

When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead.
It is difficult only for the others.
It is the same when you are stupid.

What do you call a fight between an illegal immigrant and a priest?
Alien vs Predator

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