Modern religion is based on three pillars.

  1. God created man.

    God creates the Heavens and the Earth and man so that man is beholden to God for his creation.

    This pillar has now been debunked by Charles Darwin with his introduction to evolution.

    If you do not believe that God made man, who are you beholden to? The issue of religion does boil down to one question.

    Is your creator divine (magical), or not divine (evolution)?

  2. Evil exists.

    It is never stated where evil comes from but in christianity, since God creates everything.

    God creates evil.

    Genesis does not specify when evil appears but the talking serpent in the Garden of Eden is it's first instantiation. Strangely enough, the talking serpent spoke a language that Eve understood. She might have been multi-lingual. Wait, what's a language?

    Without evil, there would be no story in religion. We would all go to heaven or simply die..

    There is a third domain outside the heavens and the earth that no one discusses. Where exactly was God when he created the Heavens and the Earth. The God Domain?

  3. Man has an afterlife.

    This one implies that we have a soul (our life force) that exists once our bodies die.

    So far, only three books (the New Testament, the Quran and the Book of Mormons) have claimed to have documented a life outside of the realm of Earth.

    Neither side (Heaven/Earth) can communicate with the other side. This does not help credibility.

    If you do not believe in an afterlife, what does your religion offer you that is different from evolution?

If any one pillar is removed, the religion fails in its mission.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.

Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

Religion keeps people from being upset over inequality.

Everything is the way it is because of a perfect plan.

The rich are rich because they're blessed for being righteous.

I don't need to be rich because God will take care of me.

This life is temporary, therefore inequality is temporary.

I'll have a perfect life after this life.

If you take away religion people realize life isn't fair.

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