The vices of the Catholic church do less harm than their virtues.

Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.
-- Robert G. Ingersoll

Catholics clearly do not possess any critical thinking skills, because..

  1. gods don't exist ,
  2. Satan and demons do not exist ,
  3. angels don't exist,
  4. Heaven doesn't exist,
  5. Morality does not come from a burning bush
  6. Bushes do not talk,
  7. Hell doesn't exist,
  8. souls do not exist,
  9. Adam and Eve never existed,
  10. man was not made from dirt and a god's breath ,
  11. woman was not made from a man's rib ,
  12. snakes don't talk ,
  13. magical trees do not exist,
  14. people don't turn to salt ,
  15. seas don't part ,
  16. the Exodus never happened,
  17. Moses never existed,
  18. the 10 Commandments never existed,
  19. sticks don't turn into snakes ,
  20. the earth doesn't stop rotating,
  21. a worldwide flood never happened ,
  22. people do not live for 600 years ,
  23. asses don't talk ,
  24. whales don't run hotels ,
  25. virgins don't give birth,
  26. communion wafers do not magically turn into the body of Jesus
  27. water cannot turn into wine ,
  28. Circumcision is barbaric ,
  29. Slavery is not acceptable! .
  30. people don't walk on water , and
  31. dead people don't come back to life.

  1. every atom in their brain are 99.9999% empty space.
  2. DNA shows they are 98.7% chimps and 50% banana.
  3. they're made of meat ,
  4. group think

The Annunciation was the announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary that she would bear the son of God, Jesus Christ.

The concept of The Immaculate Conception became official catholic dogma in 1854 and means that the alleged virgin Mary herself was born without the stain of original sin.

If she was born without sin, then her subsequent rape by the Holy Ghost had been planned for well over 14 years and was clearly premeditated.

Should it be called rape if the Holy Spirit placed his Holy Jizz in Mary's vagina using one of the Holy Turkey Basters?

According to evangelical Christians, Catholics aren't True Christians.

Most of it comes from Catholics praying to saints instead of directly to Jesus. This majorly upsets the Christians for some reason. Another is that Catholics confess their sins to priests and the priest is able to offer forgiveness. Also, the Pope.

The Pope upsets the Christians because the Catholics put the him and priests in a place of godliness or holiness. Christians don't recognize this; they believe that they're merely human and hold no authority.

And praying to his mother Mary. Probably shouldn't pray to a woman. They are not allowed to talk in church.

My mom finally told me why our crazy Christian grandparents don't talk to me anymore

On an alt because my brother knows about my main, and I don't want this attention to come towards my parents and make it to my grandparents [somehow]

I never had a relationship with my grandparents from either side of my family. On my father's side, they died before I was born, and on my mother's I barely ever saw them. And when I did, it seemed as though they had no intensions of speaking or interacting with me. I was at home for the longer weekend because my parents needed help cleaning out the attic, and in one of the old boxes there was a old picture of my grandmother and my mom when she was younger. The picture got me thinking about why my mother's grandparents always had acted so strange around me, as if they were avoiding me entirely. I brought the subject up to my mother while we were cleaning up the attic, and she told me why. She told me that my grandparents had always been hyper-religious, specifically catholic.

This came as no surprise as I had deduced such from various mannerisms they had shown in the little time I had meet them. She finally said that the reason my grandparents didn't want to be around me was because I was left handed.

She explained further that the left-hand had been interpreted as the devil's hand as a catholic superstition. Because of this, my grandparents had always been wary of me, which grew out to them avoiding having a relationship with me entirely. I'm at a loss for words as to how these insane traditions continue to be prevalent in religious circles, especially in older individuals. It saddens me that despite how Christians often claim to be a welcoming community to all people, that many exclusive and elitist traditions continue to be practiced. I hope as time goes on, we open our eyes to realize how absolutely batshit insane these traditions, and maybe religions as a whole, really are.

Being left handed humor

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